Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Nice morning, though I had some strange dreams.
Day start was a jumble but I got the laundry sorted and started. Found towels in the wrong places so I resorted and refolded then put them all back straight.
Looking at what was coming up for the afternoon I decided to get the grocery shopping done first. Two stops and $220 later I came home unloaded, put stuff away then had an hour to read.

Collected things for the trip to the beach with the girls then D called asking for a ride. I hurried! Got to D at 255, zoomed to Aya's school and fortunately they were running late.
Aya and Yssy joined us then I dropped D off at dance on our way to the jetty. A beautiful day on the beach,
We arrived at about 315, walked to the jetty, I parked myself once then twice and settled in to watch the girls play in the jax and the sea. The girls instantly disappeared in to their game. Checking in once to tell me they were switching sides of the jetty to get away from the sudden surf.
I spent some time just watching then started playing with the camera and FB.
We packed up about 440 walked back to the car and drifted with crazy traffic across town to home.
Skot had dinner sizzling and ready to put on the table, I grabbed a quickie shower before eating then dashed off with the girls again to deliver Yssy home. Went to the studio to talk with Abra, got tickets for the show this weekend and picked up Dahniella. Back home again! 

I sat the girls down to get an understanding of who was going where and when over the next 3 days. My head is spinning with all the end of school plans, Aya's Bday, the Recital, all of it! Whew, after all that planning we played some Zelda then the girls did dishes and we are all settling down.

I'm going to go fold laundry, Skot is going back to work out in the sewing room, Aya went to bed, Mom's playing video games on her computer and D is doing some room decorating and homework.

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