Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A leisurely wake up at 745-8am
Rolled out and put on sweats, knowing that once I was awake I would be going to the gym.
Fed and watered the critters. The young bunnies are a little sad since their litter mates are now gone. But they accepted my pets and scritches. These two will be the basis of further litters of Buns for food.

A light breakfast of yogurt and fruit handed to me by my beloved along with a cup of coffee. I purused my emails and fell in to some online conversations. Answered a message on the CS answering service, a lady would like to have a hand-fasting, they are already married but want to do it in the eyes of the Goddess. The conversation was sketchy and she is a truly troubled individual. I asked her to talk it over with her husband a little more, pointing out some variables that we might be able to apply to her grandiose ideas.

Finished that drama up in just enough time to scoot out and get to the gym by 10, finished my 2.25 mile jog in 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, then 80 crunches and 18 weight assisted pull ups. Topped off with a nice cool down stretch and a brief rinse int he gym shower. I forgot a towel so I used paper towels, silly. Dressed and out by 11:30 in time to swing by tacos Moreno for lunch to go. Arriving 5 minutes early at LOL I managed to grab the best parking spot.
Had a wonderful time chatting with the guys, eating our lunches and watching cheeky Brits tell us how it is. Then an hour of Mykey trying to not get killed by zombies while trailing a cute blonde that makes suggestions and has sass, the music building to crescendos of doom and dozens of undead coming after him. giggle, silly.

Off to the doctors to discuss my contact lenses, got there a little early but she was totally ready for me and gave me what I needed no problems. I even got to return the horrible hard lenses and get a refund on top of bulk buying discounts for a years worth of month wear soft lens. There are even a few mail in rebates!

Not quite ready to come home I swung by the bank and made a deposit then wandered through World Market. Noting the extreme over pricey-ness of everything I bought a box of Jr. Mints and walked over to Ross. Found a fantastic sitting pillow for Skot and a couple curtains for D's room. Hugged and chatted with Victoria, the not quite relative from Juan's family then dragged my purchases back to the car. Now I'm ready to go home.
One of my books has arrived! Yay me. I deliver Skot's new pillow to him in the Bedroom/Office and he loves it. Dropped the curtains on D's bed, put away all my crap then parked it on the couch to read. =) Happy Grrl.

Dragging myself off the couch at 5 I made a scrumptious dinner of fried pork and rice with artichokes. mmmm
Full and happy I am writing this up and will soon return to my comfy spot on the couch to continue reading.


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