Monday, May 28, 2012


8am Memorial Day Morning
Rolled out and made coffee, took a cup back to bed. Chatted with Skot a bit and then got dressed and moving. Our day was plotted out as, gardening and Harvesting bunnies. I would help with whatever prep he needed and then his friends were to assist in the rest.
Unfortunately none of them ever showed up.

On my way out to the garden Ang pulled up in the yard sale rental truck. Ah yes the tables we loaned. We chatted for a bit after unloading. Then on to the garden I watered my green babies then started cleaning out the second bed for Aya's veggies she brought home from school, one tomato and one gourd squash.
Skot helped me bring in some compost and mix it in, in the compost bin we had some volunteer mystery squash?? So we planted it with the tomato and my acorn squash. Should be an interesting garden later.

I helped Skot prepare for the harvest, buckets of water, soapy and iced. We debated saving the skulls, he said he would and we could give them to Jeri. I created and set to work the gratitude altar, blessed the bunnies and left some stick incense for Skot. He had been fighting off a headache out in the front garden but after only harvesting two of the bunnies it hit him as a full force migraine. :(

He is on the couch trying to recuperate. I went to fetch the prepped bodies only to catch the damn dog eating the skulls, grr so much for that. Maybe we'll luck out on the next two. I brought the bucket with meat inside, that way there will be no more foraging by our own pets.

Hey hey a fabulous recovery! Skot spent an hour on the couch then was ready for food. Rested and ready he went back to work harvesting the last two rabbits. I freshened the incense on the gratitude altar and held space as he took the two through transition. It was peaceful, I fed the remaining bunnies and went back inside.
As soon as he was finished I helped him package the meat for the freezer.

I am working through all my emotions on this. my horror of killing and my acceptance of it's necessity. My sadness at the loss of cute furry things and my relief that there are four less mouths to feed. We will go through this process several more times before i am truly accustomed to it. Annie is preggers again and will kindle next week sometime. 1 week to cuteness, 5 weeks to sweet bouncy critters being separated from the doe, 12 weeks to another harvest. Things to think about

I took a bit of my time and made the changes to the CS monthly announcements and sent them to the Board for review. it gets easier every time.
We made a quick trip in to town, dropped off Aya's lunch box and picked up some chocolate to make melt-away's. mmmm nummy. Now I need to get off my butt and make dinner. :)

Dinner was a success as was another really dumb movie for relaxation.
Off to bed early

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