Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ok so I am settling back in to my life a little better.
Yesterday's Pithy Brit movie on how the Universe changed was a wonderful reminder that not all we think we know is true. =) Galileo did some wonderful things for modern thinking by being a rebel.

I went to buy some new jeans at Ross and came away sadly disappointed but fetched up several nice things from the Goodwill instead.
Home again to make the family some yummy food and watched an incredibly inane movie called Dargo. I had been wondering why I didn't hear about it when it was in the theaters, now I know.

Today I need to get a few things done and then prepare for our coven gathering tonight. I drop Aya off at Dance at 3:30 then pick up both girls from dance class at 4:30.

We'll see how much I can get done before then. :)
M~ 9:22am

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Several important things this June 2012

I am really in awe of how much has happened in such a short period of time. I think that the universe likes to speed things up for Summer!
First off D and Aya did an amazing job at their dance recital. D was in 5 performances and Aya was in 4. Both girls have really improved their style. I did not get a picture of Aya that day but here is one of D wrapped around her friend Rory and hugged from behind by Malakai. Mal's little sister Saskia is in front.

The day after the recital Aya turned 10!! OMG! beautiful little Aya is growing up so wonderfully. And now that I am home and spending more time with her we have really bonded. She gives great snuggles and hugz! This picture was when her and I took a walk around Antonelli's Pond.

NOW! D has graduated from Sophomore to Junior in HS. Good heavens where does the time go?! Her report card was phenomenal, all B's and one C+ (in her least fav subject) She also took an extra class which rewarded her with an extra 3 points toward her graduation, that was an Intro to Psychology. She also did an internship as a Teachers Assistant at the dance studio, which also granted her extra points toward her HS graduation.
She laughingly told me that she thought of them as 'Mario Points' and soon she would level up.
She was aiming for something like 25 points this year and netted 33.5!
I am very proud (as if that was not obvious)
The next amazing thing that has happened is that D started working...I know! 'Say What?!?!' Yup she is 15-1/2 and has started learning the ropes at her Dad's work, she is Hostessing at Jefferey's Restaurant on Saturday night. I got to deliver her to her first day on the job and got this photo, which she promptly made me 'swear' I would not post on FB, so I am posting it here instead. =) (Please do not repost)
Shortly after D's Graduation I mailed in my Bachelors exam papers to the University of Metaphysics in Arizona. They emailed me and said they had received my packet and would get back to me in about 4 weeks. It took me a little over 2 years to work my way through the 48 lessons included in their BS program. I am looking forward to the Masters program!

Next on the Summer schedule was Solaris and I had a fantastic time this year. Lots of fun, new people, old friends, and experimenting with a two track template. There was little to no drama, lots of love and laughter, drums and dancing, meditation and twister. =D

I come home and try to sort out my life, laundry and sleeping habits when Nancy calls and says she'll be stopping by to give me her old car. Yes we had discussed it, yes I was thrilled to accept it, but somehow it had not become real to me until we sat down and signed the pink slip last night!!!!
So the next step in that story is to get D her Permit, teach her to drive and give her my little Suzuki.

Also my little green babies have really fluffed out and I am getting excited about the fruits they will offer up at harvest time. I have squash, corn and string beans in one container then Tomato, hard squash and a mystery volunteer in the other box. The mystery plant came with the compost and it is starting to act like either a pumpkin or melon with little curly strands reaching out.

Last but certainly not least our latest batch of baby bunnies is up and bouncing around the cage. I have managed to cook rabbit well enough that my family likes to eat it so there is one more success. This batch is 8 and we will not be keeping any of them this time. The last batch we kept a doe and a buck for future breeding.
Holy Moly, my life is filled with such joy and I am grateful.

OH almost forgot about the 198' of new fence line!! The whole South and West side of the property got a face lift. Thanks to our industrious and fairly priced new handy man. He ingeniously reused about 90% of the existing fence boards, replaced all the posts and put in a kick board that will keep the bugs from eating any more of the fence. Included was also a kid ladder in the S/W corner under the apple tree so that Aya and her friends can go up and down with out too much trouble. =)

Monday, June 25, 2012

6/25/2012 catching up

I have been a bad little blogger.
Not enough time nor enough umph to get it done.
There was the finishing of my Bachelors exams
Re-commitment to Brigid!
There was D's first day at work and her report card of nearly all "B's" (just one C+)
There was Solaris!!!
Ideas for a book or three to write!
Good grief I have been busy
Today I'm just trying to reintegrate with domestic life. Laundry, cooking and the like. Tonight we are going to visit and have dinner with Skot's Mom. It's her Birthday.

Checked on the bunnies they are big enough that I have removed the box, replacing it with a small board and some fresh straw.
We ordered new cages by phone today, not sure when to expect them, maybe a week or two. Just in time to remove the babies from their Mamma hopefully. Spoke with Matt Cummick, his plate has gotten really full but says he will make time for us when the cages arrive and build us a frame to put them on.

Catching up with the laundry, one more load to wash that will make 5 in all and that is just the clothing. =)

OMG and today I got a new car!!!
Nancy gave me her old car now that she got her new one!

Drove it to SJ for Bday dinner with Robin. Boy it drives smooth, and fast, oh my.
Robin was in a fabulous mood and we had a great time with her and her friends in the neighborhood.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Woke up around 7, got up around 8. =)
Lazy bones. Got started with coffee and breakfast, dealt with bunnies and chickens, watered the green babies, then attacked the email.
Organized the Solaris stuff I was working on, sent Ang my proposed schedule of events.
I looked over the list for capming at Solaris and then checked my calendar to make sure I had put down a time to pack for that.

Looked in to the camping for July 27th..!!! Kabins are expensive. So I sent an email to the gang to see what we wanted to do. Sigh, this has been difficult at best from the very get-go.

Now I'm just trying to catch up with Blogging and emails.
Contacted Matthew Cummick, they are nearly back from their adventure and he says he will connect with us next week. Sweet! I want the gate moved and we need the bunny hutch put up soon.
Ok what now...

Spent about an hour and a half cutting veggies and sauteing them before putting them all in the crock pot. browned up one of the smaller rabbits and put it in with the rest. We'll see in 5 hours whether it was worth all the effort.
Taking some time to scour my calendaring for any discrepancies, up coming events and working on my necessary to-do's.


Ah Sunday
We woke up late, we went to Charity's house for a home made brunch. We went shopping at Beverly's.
When we got home we decided to work on the homestead. Skot Mowed the yards while I cleaned the kitchen. I helped him a few times with this and that. Took ice bottles to the bunnies around 2/3 pm, it had gotten fairly warm. Baby bunnies are all looking very healthy.

I got a lot done in the house, the kitchen was totally trashed and Mom had done 3 days worth of dishes which I needed to put away. Scrubbed the counters and the sink then the stove top and front. Blech, I also organized the drawers and tucked things away neater than they had been. It will be much easier to get at things now.
Once I was done I took a much deserved rest on the couch with my book. When Skot decided he was done I put out left overs for us to Nom on while watching Skot beat the snot out of monsters on Zelda.

We turned off the game at 9 and went to do some herb assisted yoga and some hard snuggling.
Ah, Sunday


Woke up pretty late 9am
had some coffee and chatted with Skot. Got dressed and tended to the bunnies. All the babies seem very healthy. All the others are very fond of getting pets. :)
Skot will fetch Aya and hang out with her till OC, Mom and I will go early to set up the greeting table and tea stuff.
What to do for the next couple of hours...?
Dropped Skot off at his truck, we left it at Tamaras last night when he picked me up for our movie date.
I went to the grocery store for OC tasty treats then home to slice up all the oranges. :)
Went to Open Circle, set up tea and stretched. 17 people at OC, good turn out for such a beautiful day.
The meditation was good and took me deep.
The tea time was brief so I cleaned up, handed off the tea things to Don and Anita to return to Steve then took off with Mom. Dropped Mom at home and drove up to Bonny Doon to fetch D. A nice little visit, stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Skot had dinner ready when we arrived at 5:45. :)
After dinner we relaxed and chose to watch an old Arnold flick, Terminator! D hadn't seen it yet and found out the Kyle Reese is John Connor's father. :)
It was really nice just hanging out and snuggling with Skot and D on the couch.
Juan picked her up at 10:30, we made it to bed by 11

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Friday was a whirlwind!
Made an awesome breakfast of bacon, eggs and Skot helped me make biscuits. Got both girls and the dog in the car. Delivered D to her last formal day of school (she tells me later that she has 109 credits toward graduation!) Aya went with me to Henry Cowell National Park to meet up with Bill and Jeri.

We took the dogs down pipeline road a little over 2 miles there and back. We had some great conversations about magic, ritual and dog-sitting. :) Aya had a great time with her new camera.
Aya and I came back to the house and collapsed on the couch for about an hour. Had some lunch then headed out again. I delivered D's overnight gear to her at school, she was in a great mood. Then went to see if Emma and her folks were ready for their play-date. Carl and Michelle were struggling with some attitude issues coming from Emma and were debating the overnight. I talked with Michelle about giving the girls a goal to earn back the right to stay and she agreed. Later when she called to check in it was all ok.

I came home after dropping off kids and had a couple hours to just relax, I read my book.
At 5 I got dressed and put some fun items in a bag and went to Tamara's for 'Girls Nite'. We ate, chatted and watched burlesque videos, a few of Us even danced and played on the pole.
Before all that I got a chance to ask Tam if she wanted to join our circle, she was happy and honored, so I think she will be coming to check us out. =D

Skot and I were in communications to verify that Aya would indeed be staying the night with Emma, with that confirmed Skot and I made a date to go to the movies. He picked me up at the party at 9 and we made it to see the 915 Snow White and the Huntsman, cool special affects, fun plot but a little overdone.
Skot is having trouble with an abscessed tooth and may need to get to a dentist pretty soon.

Off to bed at 1230

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today we just could not wake up!
Took me an hour to come out of a sleepy funk and get the coffee pumping through my system.
Skot and I took Aya to school and stuck around for their moving on Ceremony from 9-10. A sweet event that has the kids acknowledged that they are going to the next grade.
Home by 10:15 and D was already doing her homework. I sat with her on the couch for a long while helping her do Geography, then we made some lunch and she finished her Geography at the table.
She decided to take a shower before tackling the Biology labs, but once those are done she is essentially finished with her work. She will work on Math with her tutor Friday morning and turn in all her assignments as well as her books Friday afternoon. =)
Aya is now a 5th grader and D will be a Junior in HS. OMG!

Helped D finish her assignments
Took Aya to piano and hung out reading with D.
Stopped by CVS to pick up a few things and the girls started playing with a ball, they were so cute and silly I bought it.
After dinner and a little TV time Skot, Aya and D started playing keep away with the ball in the living room. Mom couldn't hang so she took off and I joined in on the giggle fest.
Off to bed around 10 pm.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hmm so yesterday seemed to have escaped me.
I was up taking care of things in the usual fashion. Skot took Aya to school for me so I had time.
Still no baby bunnies.
Can't really remember the morning but I got to the gym at about 10ish and I had forgotten my phone (head smack). Used the iPod and the gyms free wifi to email Skot my blunder.
Did my usual 2.25 miles in 30, but man I was not up for it. Totally drunk on endorphin's I did 90 crunches then headed for the pull up machine. instead of doing more I decided to make it harder, I set it for a lower weight assist, only 110# and did the 15 in three sets of 5. Now my head was really spinning, I got some water, shook it off and headed for the cable weights. Set my self up for 30/30's and got through 2 sets before I caved in. My abs were shaking and I couldn't focus. Went and got more water then sat down to stretch and catch my breath. Emailed Skot one last message then hit the showers, dressed and left.
Went to Whole foods to get lunch, a nice salad, some tea and a bag of blue corn chips with a side of Annies cashew spread. It took a lot of control not to buy and/or eat everything in sight! I got to Ang's about 5 minutes early and dug in. After our episode of snarky BBC History and 20 minutes of video games I took off early. I drove out to the feed store in Soquel and picked up supplies for nearly all the critters. Now I was insanely ahead of schedule so I arrived at Westcliff just after 2pm. I sat in the car listening to music and watching the people til 230 then I went in to the school to see if Aya was back from her field trip yet. No such luck so I got to wait in the lobby for another 30 minutes. She came in all damp and bedraggled. :)
As we were heading for the car we passed the garden and there were tomato plants up for grabs, I took 3 although I do not have high hopes for tomatoes this year I just thought they would go well in the garden beds out front.
At home Aya cleaned her room and I can't remember what I was doing, I think I was creating the CS agenda for the Board meeting.
I finally hit the kitchen and whipped up some marinara with chicken and mushrooms, curly pasta and a huge salad. Skot got home at 5:30, puttered about and came in for dinner at 6. Aaron showed up at 5 minutes after 6 and joined us for dinner. We all hung out for a while then Aaron and I went for a hot tub and sauna 8:30-10.
D was home when we got back so we visited with her a bit. They made plans for some summer math tutoring. =)
to bed.

Skot took Aya t school for me again this morning, which meant D and I were up way to early, ah well. We hugged and kissed Aaron good bye the D and I went to take care of animals. Squeee!! babies!!! I counted 8 but will need to double check that later.
I took D to school, her last day of Psych class, she just text-ed me that she got a B! Sweet.
When I got home I watered the front garden bed and transplanted my newly acquired tomatoes. Then went ballistic on some weeds in the front yard before retreating back to the house.I need to get ready for tonight's Board meeting and then meet Paul for lunch at Betty's Burgers downtown.

Agenda reconfigured and emailed out, bed made, table cleaned, chicken defrosted. Lunch at Betty's was entertaining. I stopped and got fuel on the way home and D called me wanting me to pick her up from school. =) I stopped at the house really just to get snacks and beverages before picking up the kids.

I busted my ass to get to everyone on time and as soon as I get to Aya she asked if she can go home with Yssy. Sigh. I stopped on the way home to get ice cream for Dahniella. She has spent the afternoon sunbathing, I put dinner in the oven and retreated to the couch with my book. =)

Nearly ready for the Board meeting:

The Board meeting was intense. I feel badly for Ang, he has done so much this last few months and it's really not letting up. As well as having quite the intense conversations about whether or not we felt Jason and Ari were ready to present a full CS ritual. I will do my best to support him by taking on the newsletter again.

After the meeting Amanda hung out for some moral support regarding her nosy neighbor. Then we all headed for bed.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Good Gods is it really June?!?
I spent the morning catching up on my blog, washing linens and drinking coffee.
Checked on bunnies, Annie has not yet kindled but should be anytime now. The two new kids are adjusting well.
Need to do a few more things online for CS but then may retreat to the couch for some more reading. :)

ok, 2 loads of linens, one load of towels, swept kitchen, bathroom and dining room, vacuumed the living room, hall and 2 bedrooms. A lot of carrying things back and forth to get crap out of the living room and I still have not put the game away that got me started on all this. :) LOL! And I will need to fold all that laundry and remake the bed, but it sure makes the place feel fresher!
The light summer rain has been absolutely refreshing today. I can't wait to get out and go pick up Aya. Perhaps we can get some sewing stuff for her today.

Yay! Aya and I went and got her some sewing gear, she is integrating it with her current stuff as well as clearing a space in her room for the mini sewing machine we know she has stashed somewhere. :)

Alrighty then, My student showed up for her session just as Skot was making dinner. We finished up just before Skot's student showed up for her session. I had leftovers and watched Avatar the last air bender with Aya until 9. Skot finished up with his student and is now putting Aya to bed.
We will need to make our bed before we can go to sleep. That is if I can sleep with such a gorgeous full moon out and the clouds are all gone!

Still no baby bunnies, she is due!

5/31-6/3/2012 Catching up

Whoa, I have not sat at my computer for any length of time in over 4 days.
My week tumbled out and became all engrossing. I will just summarize the events
Thursday 5/31
I took Aya to school then decided not to go to the gym. After the day on the beach my calves were in no shape to hit the trainer. Instead I came home and helped D with her home work, cooked and did a little laundry and had a lunch visit with Nancy. I got to see her new car, wow, sparkley!
2:30 we took off and picked up Aya from school, dropped D off at dance, stopped at TJ's to grab some snacks then off to Aya's Piano lesson. We got stuck in traffic and got there late. :(
I also left my dragon book there. Sigh.
Got home and made dinner, ate dinner then went and fetched D from dance.
Mellow evening at home

Friday 6/1
I took Aya to school, went out for coffee with D then took her to school. Stopped at TJ's and picked up $50 of goodies to bake for the recital. Baked from 10:30 - 2:30 something like 50 cupcakes, 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 2 loaves of banana nut bread.
Went and picked Aya up from school but not Yssy, the plan was to collect Yssy at the Potluck and play later that evening, but Yssy cancelled the overnight. D got a ride with Shawn and Rory to the school bonfire. Skot went with Aya since I needed to join D but that gave me about 4 hours to myself. YAY! I read some of the books I bought with my Amazon gift cert. =)
Left at about 6:30, wandered out to the Twin lakes beach, found the gang. Hung out and chatted with various adults and other teens. Called D to go at 8 and we were in the car by 8:30 heading home. The normal meanderings and family interactions until bed time. I crashed early.

Saturday 6/2
Got up and showered at 7ish. got the household moving, made coffee and tea, eggs and toast. Sent Aya to deal with bunnies and chickens.
Camille arrived just before 9 and Yssy arrived just after. We packed the Mercedes with all the costumes and baked goods. Then Yssy announces that she forgot a part of her costume. AGGH!
Skot scooped her up took her back to her house and raced back here. We all piled in to the Mercedes and waved good bye to Momas. Got to the theater at about 10:10. I immediately took over incoming registration from Abra and worked that table for 3 hours; kids, parents, signature, wash, rinse repeat. Skot took on set up administration and security, he also went and bought us some lunch (thank the Gods!) At 1 the second crew showed up and I was relieved of duty. Then on to hanging out in front waiting for friends to arrive so I could hand out my extra tickets. Robin arrived, I gave her her ticket, shortly before Juan arrived with Mom, Jenya made it with Nico, I gave her one ticket and she stood in line for the second one. The doors opened and every one jammed in to the lobby. Aaron arrived with little Sam, I gave him his ticket then waited with him to get in.
We sat far front left, where we could see both our girls very well. I cried, I laughed and I swooned. My God our girls are getting good. After the show we poured out on to the sidewalk I went to get the girls and realized I should have used my backstage authority to just go through the curtain from the stage. Oh well, D was the last one out, sigh, we had to help her pack and carry all her stuff, her feet hurt and she was utterly scattered.
Out front was the flowers, cards, hugs and chatter. D and Rory went with Juan, Yssy went with her Mom, Camille had been picked up at 2, so Mom, Skot, Aya and I piled in to the Mercedes and met Robin at I <3 Sushi. The lock on the trunk broke so we could not retrieve or put anything in it. (Mom has an appointment with the Garage on Thursday) Aya was so hungry she ate all the appetizers and was eating her sushi so fast she made herself sick. Laying in her fathers lap through half of dinner. Skot and I got wrecked on a bunch of free Saki! Robin had brought Bday gifts for Aya, they were fun and much appreciated. When we got home Skot and I dissected the back seat of the Mercedes hoping to enter the trunk from the back. No luck, solid metal, but we were able to disassemble and put the seat back in about 15 minutes. Then I watered the vegetable garden, checked on the bunnies, bumbled around and finally crashed on the couch and played with Aya's new games. I went to bed at 9:30/10

Sunday 6/3
Aya's 10th Bday
Got up and worked with Aya on the animals. Skot made breakfast and I wrapped her gifts. Breakfast and gifts done at a leisurely pace then Skot and Aya played with her new video game some more.
Abra arrived at 10:30 and took Aya to the SJ water park with some of her friends.
Skot turned in to a whirling dervish; he took off to pick up groceries for Bday dinner. I cleaned the kitchen while he was out so that he would have somewhere to work. When he got back I retreated to the couch with my book. He only asked for my help a couple times for various things but mostly I read and he joyfully clambered about the kitchen making the most amazing dinner for 20  people. He jettisoned again to pick up the Thai curry and rice that he had ordered. When he got back he remembered to share with me that the traffic was crazy downtown, Gay Pride parade and all the tourists combined. He finished packing all the food up and I read my book. Finally he gives me the heads up, we pack the car and take all this yummyness down to Abra's house and set up for dinner and guests. I read some more on the couch. People finally arrived, Aya and Abra came late from SJ, but that was to be expected. We had dinner, presents and cupcakes with various amounts of interruption and diversions.
We packed up and came home about 8:30. Skot put all the food away then we sat and watched a very silly movie, Tropic Thunder.
Shower, yoga, bed.

The weekend was really long. I missed the CS walk but that has to happen occasionally. All of us are totally wiped out.