Monday, June 11, 2012


Woke up around 7, got up around 8. =)
Lazy bones. Got started with coffee and breakfast, dealt with bunnies and chickens, watered the green babies, then attacked the email.
Organized the Solaris stuff I was working on, sent Ang my proposed schedule of events.
I looked over the list for capming at Solaris and then checked my calendar to make sure I had put down a time to pack for that.

Looked in to the camping for July 27th..!!! Kabins are expensive. So I sent an email to the gang to see what we wanted to do. Sigh, this has been difficult at best from the very get-go.

Now I'm just trying to catch up with Blogging and emails.
Contacted Matthew Cummick, they are nearly back from their adventure and he says he will connect with us next week. Sweet! I want the gate moved and we need the bunny hutch put up soon.
Ok what now...

Spent about an hour and a half cutting veggies and sauteing them before putting them all in the crock pot. browned up one of the smaller rabbits and put it in with the rest. We'll see in 5 hours whether it was worth all the effort.
Taking some time to scour my calendaring for any discrepancies, up coming events and working on my necessary to-do's.

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