Monday, June 25, 2012

6/25/2012 catching up

I have been a bad little blogger.
Not enough time nor enough umph to get it done.
There was the finishing of my Bachelors exams
Re-commitment to Brigid!
There was D's first day at work and her report card of nearly all "B's" (just one C+)
There was Solaris!!!
Ideas for a book or three to write!
Good grief I have been busy
Today I'm just trying to reintegrate with domestic life. Laundry, cooking and the like. Tonight we are going to visit and have dinner with Skot's Mom. It's her Birthday.

Checked on the bunnies they are big enough that I have removed the box, replacing it with a small board and some fresh straw.
We ordered new cages by phone today, not sure when to expect them, maybe a week or two. Just in time to remove the babies from their Mamma hopefully. Spoke with Matt Cummick, his plate has gotten really full but says he will make time for us when the cages arrive and build us a frame to put them on.

Catching up with the laundry, one more load to wash that will make 5 in all and that is just the clothing. =)

OMG and today I got a new car!!!
Nancy gave me her old car now that she got her new one!

Drove it to SJ for Bday dinner with Robin. Boy it drives smooth, and fast, oh my.
Robin was in a fabulous mood and we had a great time with her and her friends in the neighborhood.

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