Saturday, June 9, 2012


Friday was a whirlwind!
Made an awesome breakfast of bacon, eggs and Skot helped me make biscuits. Got both girls and the dog in the car. Delivered D to her last formal day of school (she tells me later that she has 109 credits toward graduation!) Aya went with me to Henry Cowell National Park to meet up with Bill and Jeri.

We took the dogs down pipeline road a little over 2 miles there and back. We had some great conversations about magic, ritual and dog-sitting. :) Aya had a great time with her new camera.
Aya and I came back to the house and collapsed on the couch for about an hour. Had some lunch then headed out again. I delivered D's overnight gear to her at school, she was in a great mood. Then went to see if Emma and her folks were ready for their play-date. Carl and Michelle were struggling with some attitude issues coming from Emma and were debating the overnight. I talked with Michelle about giving the girls a goal to earn back the right to stay and she agreed. Later when she called to check in it was all ok.

I came home after dropping off kids and had a couple hours to just relax, I read my book.
At 5 I got dressed and put some fun items in a bag and went to Tamara's for 'Girls Nite'. We ate, chatted and watched burlesque videos, a few of Us even danced and played on the pole.
Before all that I got a chance to ask Tam if she wanted to join our circle, she was happy and honored, so I think she will be coming to check us out. =D

Skot and I were in communications to verify that Aya would indeed be staying the night with Emma, with that confirmed Skot and I made a date to go to the movies. He picked me up at the party at 9 and we made it to see the 915 Snow White and the Huntsman, cool special affects, fun plot but a little overdone.
Skot is having trouble with an abscessed tooth and may need to get to a dentist pretty soon.

Off to bed at 1230

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