Monday, June 4, 2012

5/31-6/3/2012 Catching up

Whoa, I have not sat at my computer for any length of time in over 4 days.
My week tumbled out and became all engrossing. I will just summarize the events
Thursday 5/31
I took Aya to school then decided not to go to the gym. After the day on the beach my calves were in no shape to hit the trainer. Instead I came home and helped D with her home work, cooked and did a little laundry and had a lunch visit with Nancy. I got to see her new car, wow, sparkley!
2:30 we took off and picked up Aya from school, dropped D off at dance, stopped at TJ's to grab some snacks then off to Aya's Piano lesson. We got stuck in traffic and got there late. :(
I also left my dragon book there. Sigh.
Got home and made dinner, ate dinner then went and fetched D from dance.
Mellow evening at home

Friday 6/1
I took Aya to school, went out for coffee with D then took her to school. Stopped at TJ's and picked up $50 of goodies to bake for the recital. Baked from 10:30 - 2:30 something like 50 cupcakes, 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 2 loaves of banana nut bread.
Went and picked Aya up from school but not Yssy, the plan was to collect Yssy at the Potluck and play later that evening, but Yssy cancelled the overnight. D got a ride with Shawn and Rory to the school bonfire. Skot went with Aya since I needed to join D but that gave me about 4 hours to myself. YAY! I read some of the books I bought with my Amazon gift cert. =)
Left at about 6:30, wandered out to the Twin lakes beach, found the gang. Hung out and chatted with various adults and other teens. Called D to go at 8 and we were in the car by 8:30 heading home. The normal meanderings and family interactions until bed time. I crashed early.

Saturday 6/2
Got up and showered at 7ish. got the household moving, made coffee and tea, eggs and toast. Sent Aya to deal with bunnies and chickens.
Camille arrived just before 9 and Yssy arrived just after. We packed the Mercedes with all the costumes and baked goods. Then Yssy announces that she forgot a part of her costume. AGGH!
Skot scooped her up took her back to her house and raced back here. We all piled in to the Mercedes and waved good bye to Momas. Got to the theater at about 10:10. I immediately took over incoming registration from Abra and worked that table for 3 hours; kids, parents, signature, wash, rinse repeat. Skot took on set up administration and security, he also went and bought us some lunch (thank the Gods!) At 1 the second crew showed up and I was relieved of duty. Then on to hanging out in front waiting for friends to arrive so I could hand out my extra tickets. Robin arrived, I gave her her ticket, shortly before Juan arrived with Mom, Jenya made it with Nico, I gave her one ticket and she stood in line for the second one. The doors opened and every one jammed in to the lobby. Aaron arrived with little Sam, I gave him his ticket then waited with him to get in.
We sat far front left, where we could see both our girls very well. I cried, I laughed and I swooned. My God our girls are getting good. After the show we poured out on to the sidewalk I went to get the girls and realized I should have used my backstage authority to just go through the curtain from the stage. Oh well, D was the last one out, sigh, we had to help her pack and carry all her stuff, her feet hurt and she was utterly scattered.
Out front was the flowers, cards, hugs and chatter. D and Rory went with Juan, Yssy went with her Mom, Camille had been picked up at 2, so Mom, Skot, Aya and I piled in to the Mercedes and met Robin at I <3 Sushi. The lock on the trunk broke so we could not retrieve or put anything in it. (Mom has an appointment with the Garage on Thursday) Aya was so hungry she ate all the appetizers and was eating her sushi so fast she made herself sick. Laying in her fathers lap through half of dinner. Skot and I got wrecked on a bunch of free Saki! Robin had brought Bday gifts for Aya, they were fun and much appreciated. When we got home Skot and I dissected the back seat of the Mercedes hoping to enter the trunk from the back. No luck, solid metal, but we were able to disassemble and put the seat back in about 15 minutes. Then I watered the vegetable garden, checked on the bunnies, bumbled around and finally crashed on the couch and played with Aya's new games. I went to bed at 9:30/10

Sunday 6/3
Aya's 10th Bday
Got up and worked with Aya on the animals. Skot made breakfast and I wrapped her gifts. Breakfast and gifts done at a leisurely pace then Skot and Aya played with her new video game some more.
Abra arrived at 10:30 and took Aya to the SJ water park with some of her friends.
Skot turned in to a whirling dervish; he took off to pick up groceries for Bday dinner. I cleaned the kitchen while he was out so that he would have somewhere to work. When he got back I retreated to the couch with my book. He only asked for my help a couple times for various things but mostly I read and he joyfully clambered about the kitchen making the most amazing dinner for 20  people. He jettisoned again to pick up the Thai curry and rice that he had ordered. When he got back he remembered to share with me that the traffic was crazy downtown, Gay Pride parade and all the tourists combined. He finished packing all the food up and I read my book. Finally he gives me the heads up, we pack the car and take all this yummyness down to Abra's house and set up for dinner and guests. I read some more on the couch. People finally arrived, Aya and Abra came late from SJ, but that was to be expected. We had dinner, presents and cupcakes with various amounts of interruption and diversions.
We packed up and came home about 8:30. Skot put all the food away then we sat and watched a very silly movie, Tropic Thunder.
Shower, yoga, bed.

The weekend was really long. I missed the CS walk but that has to happen occasionally. All of us are totally wiped out.

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