Monday, June 11, 2012


Woke up pretty late 9am
had some coffee and chatted with Skot. Got dressed and tended to the bunnies. All the babies seem very healthy. All the others are very fond of getting pets. :)
Skot will fetch Aya and hang out with her till OC, Mom and I will go early to set up the greeting table and tea stuff.
What to do for the next couple of hours...?
Dropped Skot off at his truck, we left it at Tamaras last night when he picked me up for our movie date.
I went to the grocery store for OC tasty treats then home to slice up all the oranges. :)
Went to Open Circle, set up tea and stretched. 17 people at OC, good turn out for such a beautiful day.
The meditation was good and took me deep.
The tea time was brief so I cleaned up, handed off the tea things to Don and Anita to return to Steve then took off with Mom. Dropped Mom at home and drove up to Bonny Doon to fetch D. A nice little visit, stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Skot had dinner ready when we arrived at 5:45. :)
After dinner we relaxed and chose to watch an old Arnold flick, Terminator! D hadn't seen it yet and found out the Kyle Reese is John Connor's father. :)
It was really nice just hanging out and snuggling with Skot and D on the couch.
Juan picked her up at 10:30, we made it to bed by 11

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