Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hmm so yesterday seemed to have escaped me.
I was up taking care of things in the usual fashion. Skot took Aya to school for me so I had time.
Still no baby bunnies.
Can't really remember the morning but I got to the gym at about 10ish and I had forgotten my phone (head smack). Used the iPod and the gyms free wifi to email Skot my blunder.
Did my usual 2.25 miles in 30, but man I was not up for it. Totally drunk on endorphin's I did 90 crunches then headed for the pull up machine. instead of doing more I decided to make it harder, I set it for a lower weight assist, only 110# and did the 15 in three sets of 5. Now my head was really spinning, I got some water, shook it off and headed for the cable weights. Set my self up for 30/30's and got through 2 sets before I caved in. My abs were shaking and I couldn't focus. Went and got more water then sat down to stretch and catch my breath. Emailed Skot one last message then hit the showers, dressed and left.
Went to Whole foods to get lunch, a nice salad, some tea and a bag of blue corn chips with a side of Annies cashew spread. It took a lot of control not to buy and/or eat everything in sight! I got to Ang's about 5 minutes early and dug in. After our episode of snarky BBC History and 20 minutes of video games I took off early. I drove out to the feed store in Soquel and picked up supplies for nearly all the critters. Now I was insanely ahead of schedule so I arrived at Westcliff just after 2pm. I sat in the car listening to music and watching the people til 230 then I went in to the school to see if Aya was back from her field trip yet. No such luck so I got to wait in the lobby for another 30 minutes. She came in all damp and bedraggled. :)
As we were heading for the car we passed the garden and there were tomato plants up for grabs, I took 3 although I do not have high hopes for tomatoes this year I just thought they would go well in the garden beds out front.
At home Aya cleaned her room and I can't remember what I was doing, I think I was creating the CS agenda for the Board meeting.
I finally hit the kitchen and whipped up some marinara with chicken and mushrooms, curly pasta and a huge salad. Skot got home at 5:30, puttered about and came in for dinner at 6. Aaron showed up at 5 minutes after 6 and joined us for dinner. We all hung out for a while then Aaron and I went for a hot tub and sauna 8:30-10.
D was home when we got back so we visited with her a bit. They made plans for some summer math tutoring. =)
to bed.

Skot took Aya t school for me again this morning, which meant D and I were up way to early, ah well. We hugged and kissed Aaron good bye the D and I went to take care of animals. Squeee!! babies!!! I counted 8 but will need to double check that later.
I took D to school, her last day of Psych class, she just text-ed me that she got a B! Sweet.
When I got home I watered the front garden bed and transplanted my newly acquired tomatoes. Then went ballistic on some weeds in the front yard before retreating back to the house.I need to get ready for tonight's Board meeting and then meet Paul for lunch at Betty's Burgers downtown.

Agenda reconfigured and emailed out, bed made, table cleaned, chicken defrosted. Lunch at Betty's was entertaining. I stopped and got fuel on the way home and D called me wanting me to pick her up from school. =) I stopped at the house really just to get snacks and beverages before picking up the kids.

I busted my ass to get to everyone on time and as soon as I get to Aya she asked if she can go home with Yssy. Sigh. I stopped on the way home to get ice cream for Dahniella. She has spent the afternoon sunbathing, I put dinner in the oven and retreated to the couch with my book. =)

Nearly ready for the Board meeting:

The Board meeting was intense. I feel badly for Ang, he has done so much this last few months and it's really not letting up. As well as having quite the intense conversations about whether or not we felt Jason and Ari were ready to present a full CS ritual. I will do my best to support him by taking on the newsletter again.

After the meeting Amanda hung out for some moral support regarding her nosy neighbor. Then we all headed for bed.

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