Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today we just could not wake up!
Took me an hour to come out of a sleepy funk and get the coffee pumping through my system.
Skot and I took Aya to school and stuck around for their moving on Ceremony from 9-10. A sweet event that has the kids acknowledged that they are going to the next grade.
Home by 10:15 and D was already doing her homework. I sat with her on the couch for a long while helping her do Geography, then we made some lunch and she finished her Geography at the table.
She decided to take a shower before tackling the Biology labs, but once those are done she is essentially finished with her work. She will work on Math with her tutor Friday morning and turn in all her assignments as well as her books Friday afternoon. =)
Aya is now a 5th grader and D will be a Junior in HS. OMG!

Helped D finish her assignments
Took Aya to piano and hung out reading with D.
Stopped by CVS to pick up a few things and the girls started playing with a ball, they were so cute and silly I bought it.
After dinner and a little TV time Skot, Aya and D started playing keep away with the ball in the living room. Mom couldn't hang so she took off and I joined in on the giggle fest.
Off to bed around 10 pm.

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