Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Nice morning, though I had some strange dreams.
Day start was a jumble but I got the laundry sorted and started. Found towels in the wrong places so I resorted and refolded then put them all back straight.
Looking at what was coming up for the afternoon I decided to get the grocery shopping done first. Two stops and $220 later I came home unloaded, put stuff away then had an hour to read.

Collected things for the trip to the beach with the girls then D called asking for a ride. I hurried! Got to D at 255, zoomed to Aya's school and fortunately they were running late.
Aya and Yssy joined us then I dropped D off at dance on our way to the jetty. A beautiful day on the beach,
We arrived at about 315, walked to the jetty, I parked myself once then twice and settled in to watch the girls play in the jax and the sea. The girls instantly disappeared in to their game. Checking in once to tell me they were switching sides of the jetty to get away from the sudden surf.
I spent some time just watching then started playing with the camera and FB.
We packed up about 440 walked back to the car and drifted with crazy traffic across town to home.
Skot had dinner sizzling and ready to put on the table, I grabbed a quickie shower before eating then dashed off with the girls again to deliver Yssy home. Went to the studio to talk with Abra, got tickets for the show this weekend and picked up Dahniella. Back home again! 

I sat the girls down to get an understanding of who was going where and when over the next 3 days. My head is spinning with all the end of school plans, Aya's Bday, the Recital, all of it! Whew, after all that planning we played some Zelda then the girls did dishes and we are all settling down.

I'm going to go fold laundry, Skot is going back to work out in the sewing room, Aya went to bed, Mom's playing video games on her computer and D is doing some room decorating and homework.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A leisurely wake up at 745-8am
Rolled out and put on sweats, knowing that once I was awake I would be going to the gym.
Fed and watered the critters. The young bunnies are a little sad since their litter mates are now gone. But they accepted my pets and scritches. These two will be the basis of further litters of Buns for food.

A light breakfast of yogurt and fruit handed to me by my beloved along with a cup of coffee. I purused my emails and fell in to some online conversations. Answered a message on the CS answering service, a lady would like to have a hand-fasting, they are already married but want to do it in the eyes of the Goddess. The conversation was sketchy and she is a truly troubled individual. I asked her to talk it over with her husband a little more, pointing out some variables that we might be able to apply to her grandiose ideas.

Finished that drama up in just enough time to scoot out and get to the gym by 10, finished my 2.25 mile jog in 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, then 80 crunches and 18 weight assisted pull ups. Topped off with a nice cool down stretch and a brief rinse int he gym shower. I forgot a towel so I used paper towels, silly. Dressed and out by 11:30 in time to swing by tacos Moreno for lunch to go. Arriving 5 minutes early at LOL I managed to grab the best parking spot.
Had a wonderful time chatting with the guys, eating our lunches and watching cheeky Brits tell us how it is. Then an hour of Mykey trying to not get killed by zombies while trailing a cute blonde that makes suggestions and has sass, the music building to crescendos of doom and dozens of undead coming after him. giggle, silly.

Off to the doctors to discuss my contact lenses, got there a little early but she was totally ready for me and gave me what I needed no problems. I even got to return the horrible hard lenses and get a refund on top of bulk buying discounts for a years worth of month wear soft lens. There are even a few mail in rebates!

Not quite ready to come home I swung by the bank and made a deposit then wandered through World Market. Noting the extreme over pricey-ness of everything I bought a box of Jr. Mints and walked over to Ross. Found a fantastic sitting pillow for Skot and a couple curtains for D's room. Hugged and chatted with Victoria, the not quite relative from Juan's family then dragged my purchases back to the car. Now I'm ready to go home.
One of my books has arrived! Yay me. I deliver Skot's new pillow to him in the Bedroom/Office and he loves it. Dropped the curtains on D's bed, put away all my crap then parked it on the couch to read. =) Happy Grrl.

Dragging myself off the couch at 5 I made a scrumptious dinner of fried pork and rice with artichokes. mmmm
Full and happy I am writing this up and will soon return to my comfy spot on the couch to continue reading.


Monday, May 28, 2012


8am Memorial Day Morning
Rolled out and made coffee, took a cup back to bed. Chatted with Skot a bit and then got dressed and moving. Our day was plotted out as, gardening and Harvesting bunnies. I would help with whatever prep he needed and then his friends were to assist in the rest.
Unfortunately none of them ever showed up.

On my way out to the garden Ang pulled up in the yard sale rental truck. Ah yes the tables we loaned. We chatted for a bit after unloading. Then on to the garden I watered my green babies then started cleaning out the second bed for Aya's veggies she brought home from school, one tomato and one gourd squash.
Skot helped me bring in some compost and mix it in, in the compost bin we had some volunteer mystery squash?? So we planted it with the tomato and my acorn squash. Should be an interesting garden later.

I helped Skot prepare for the harvest, buckets of water, soapy and iced. We debated saving the skulls, he said he would and we could give them to Jeri. I created and set to work the gratitude altar, blessed the bunnies and left some stick incense for Skot. He had been fighting off a headache out in the front garden but after only harvesting two of the bunnies it hit him as a full force migraine. :(

He is on the couch trying to recuperate. I went to fetch the prepped bodies only to catch the damn dog eating the skulls, grr so much for that. Maybe we'll luck out on the next two. I brought the bucket with meat inside, that way there will be no more foraging by our own pets.

Hey hey a fabulous recovery! Skot spent an hour on the couch then was ready for food. Rested and ready he went back to work harvesting the last two rabbits. I freshened the incense on the gratitude altar and held space as he took the two through transition. It was peaceful, I fed the remaining bunnies and went back inside.
As soon as he was finished I helped him package the meat for the freezer.

I am working through all my emotions on this. my horror of killing and my acceptance of it's necessity. My sadness at the loss of cute furry things and my relief that there are four less mouths to feed. We will go through this process several more times before i am truly accustomed to it. Annie is preggers again and will kindle next week sometime. 1 week to cuteness, 5 weeks to sweet bouncy critters being separated from the doe, 12 weeks to another harvest. Things to think about

I took a bit of my time and made the changes to the CS monthly announcements and sent them to the Board for review. it gets easier every time.
We made a quick trip in to town, dropped off Aya's lunch box and picked up some chocolate to make melt-away's. mmmm nummy. Now I need to get off my butt and make dinner. :)

Dinner was a success as was another really dumb movie for relaxation.
Off to bed early


Oh deary me the weekend was full and busy
I woke up Saturday morning at 610, fully 20 minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I had woken from a nightmare in which Mom had broken her leg from carelessly stepping off some stairs in heels at a club. We were both shocked and panicked as I realized I would need to call 911. The adrenaline totally pumping as I woke was enough to launch me out of bed.
I had a small snack, washed out the coffee maker loaded a few things in the car and left for the yard sale, first stopping at Safeway for a few items such as cream and OJ.
Arriving at 645 I assisted in setting up the coffee and cookie bar. The day evaporated in a series of cups of coffee, trips to the snack counter in the kitchen, meandering through the goodies for sale and hugging friends. Punctuated with the trip to the dance studio to pick up D and Aya's arrival from her sleep over.

By 1pm my energy was flagging by 2pm I gave up. I attempted to talk to Skot, to tell him what I planned but I could no longer articulate. He just laughed and told me to go home. I rescued the kids and dragged off all our loot, all $30 of it. I went to bed as soon as we got home and woke up around 3:30, groggy but rested I put together an over night bag, collecting all the necessaries. I then wrangled the kids, Got D to load up all her stuff for Dads and Aya to put together her overnight bag with fresh clothes.
When Skot got home he freshened up tossed his stuff in to my bag and we hit the road. Dropped D off at her fathers and drove to Oakland to see Annika, her friends and their new house.
We had a delightful time, we played on the yoga swing in the rumpus room, we watched the sunset from the roof, sat on Annika's swing bed and petted her sweet black cat. Pitching everyone out at 10pm we took over the rumpus room. Aya and I each slept on giant bean bags in front of the fire, Skot snuggled and slept with Annika in her swinging bed.


The alarm went off at 6am on Sunday morning...I was not amused. I hit snooze twice before my bladder won out. stumbling around I finally got Skot up, got dressed, fed, brushed, packed and out the door by 10 after 7. We drove to Amanda's house in San Jose, got there by 8:30 and helped finish the set up. I also got the coffee going there and set up our goodies table. We were beat but we stayed until noon, sold a few things but it was really quiet. As we entered Santa Cruz Abra called and we chose to drop Aya off at her house on the way through. It was a bit of a harsh emotional trade off but all was well.
Exhausted we got home about 1, Skot went out and checked on all the animals and plants, I took a shower and when he came in he hopped in the shower too. As I was putting my hair up in my new fun doo with little spun knobs, Skot fell sound asleep! I was not quite ready for that so I read for an hour, Pulled out food for dinner and thought it through as to what we would eat. THEN I went to bed at 3:30. Woke up at 430, my internal nap clock is very particular. Skot kept on sleeping all the way to 5 and was quite relieved to discover dinner was already in the oven! Even not very awake I had the presence of mind to put the meat and root veggies in to the oven, viola, dinner an hour later. =)
We truly took it easy and screwed off for the remainder of the day. I turned on a stupid movie, we ate dinner in our laps. After the movie we went and did some herb assisted Yoga and then became entirely engrossed in one another for the better part of an hour. Yum!
10pm and we were hungry again, go figure. So we bundled up, made a snack and played Zelda until midnight. LOL!!! Finally satiated with pleasure, fun and food we went back to bed and slept in til 8ish.

Friday, May 25, 2012


up at 745, no alarm, dressed immediately, staggered out and started breakfast. Aya had already fed and watered bunnies. I announced to the family at breakfast that we had a break neck pace for the day. Aya and D responded immediately by finishing their food and readying themselves...and the dog, to get in the car.
I kissed Skot goodbye and raced off with all of my children, even the four footed furry one.
I dropped Aya off at school, not exceedingly early but before the bell. China whined so pathetically as Aya ran off in tot he school yard.
Next was coffee, an imperative at this point as I was forgetting things and mumbling. D calmly reminded me where I was supposed to be going and even put a quarter in the meter for me.
I bought us each our daily poison, coffee for me, iced black tea for her, although she was in some doubt about an iced beverage on such a chilly day.
Back to the car and the dog had moved herself to the back seat. I got D to school extremely early but such is the way oof a frantic morning, I got to drop her off in the parking lot. Right in front of all the Coastanoa kids. I threatened to make a mommy scene and got the desperate facial expression I was hoping for. As I laughed she gave me the 'don't you dare' look. I held her tea hostage until she gave me our special handshake. So much fun to torment the next gen.
OK kids delivered and coffee in hand I drove back across town to meet up with Bill, Jeri and their four footed  boy, Cosmo. China about peed herself with excitement as we grouped up for a long walk. Bill and Jeri are in training for their trip to New Zealand where they will be walking upwards of 12 miles a day. The puppies absolutely enjoyed themselves and so did the humans. I very much appreciated that Jeri was helping me keep China from attacking and or killing any one else's dogs.

We made it back after looping through Longs Marine Lab, hugs and snuggles all around and back home. China is fast asleep in her bed and I just got done with a really nice long hot shower.
Off to make baked goods for tomorrows Yardsale, then pick kids up. Hopefully I can still have Emma over for Aya, she stayed home from school today and was told she could not come over if she didn't go in. I am trying to negotiate a few hours of inside play time. (fingers crossed)

Whew, although Emma's Mom was not willing to renegotiate, Emma chose to go to school late so that she could come play with Aya. What a relief!
Meanwhile I baked a loaf of Banana Nut bread and a double batch of Chocolate chip cookies most of it is for the Bake sale at the yard sale tomorrow.
Skot came home and Mom went out so we got a few moments alone with a fresh cup of coffee. :)
I took as much of the baked goods down to Margie on my way to pick Aya up at 3. Swung over to AFE and picked up Emma, D and Rory. Came straight home and immediately gave each child a cookie. :) Teens are now 'hanging out' in the bedroom and the young ones have gone off to the field to play.
I am happily plowing through a bowl full of chilli and need to think about what to serve for dinner???
Ok kids having a good time I made spaghetti for dinner, and served on paper plates so no one would have to wash plates. Now I'm off to down town to drop off the teens for a movie, likley as not I will have to go back later to pick D up.
Oh yeah, Happy dance, Skot is taking Aya to a sleep over at Emma's, they will drop her off to us at the Yard sale. :) AND Rory's folks will drop D off on their way home from the movies. =)
To celebrate I had a cocktail and watched Skot play Zelda for a while.
Looks like early to bed, early to rise and lots of fun to be had tomorrow.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


A gentle awakening with odd dreams. I got dressed and headed for the kitchen but decided to take care of critters first. Feed and water bunnies, feed the chickens and collect eggs. Aya joined me and petted critters helped with water bottles and alfalfa.
We went in and filled her lunch box, then had some yogurt and granola with Skot. I made coffee and we briefly went over the day. Skot opted to take Aya to school on his way to work with Sean.
Now on my own I can figure out the day.
I spent some time researching a camp ground on the coast for a coven get-a-way in July.
Remembered to water the green babies. Mom waved goodbye on her way out to a doctors appointment.

Finishing my cup of caffeinated courage I called Yssy's Mom to report the schism between the girls and our need to keep in touch about their wants and needs for play dates. 9:30am

That handled I then called Emma's folks and left a message for a Friday play date.
Social wrangling done I made some tea and met up with D in the kitchen, made her some tea too. While sitting on the couch together, her with her pile of homework, me with my graph paper and several ideas for yard projects, she asks me to fill out a questionnaire for her independent studies. Cool questions but it brought up a few more. We need to find out where she is at with her credits toward graduation.

The day looks simple, I'm happy about that. pick up Aya, take D to dance, take Aya to piano, make dinner.
We'll see if it stays that simple. =)

Well I'm still fartin around on the internet, but I did find a recipe for Turkey chilli and started the process of cooking dinner. =)


Ok got my ass in gear, started dinner, cleaned up the bedroom a little, got D in the car and out to pick up Aya, Dropped D off then went and had a picnic with Aya under a tree near the river before her piano class. Read a book for 30 minutes on the Divinity of money and then came home. Finished up making some really rockin good buttermilk biscuits and Skot made a salad, dinner was sooo good, I ate too much.
Then back out to get D, she wanted to stay an extra 15 minutes with her dance class to finish up the choreography. A nice leisurely drive along West Cliff home.
Just chillin with the villains, watching Skot play Zelda on the Wii. Had to totally harass the girls in to doing the dishes tonight :-/

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's nice to get all chores done before actually becoming coherently awake.
Fed bunnies and took care of chickens, only one egg today. Skot brought me my sprouted spell seedling and I placed it in the garden with the rest of my little green babies and watered. Seeing the state of the front water spigot, I really need to get someone to repair it!
Having a little left over coffee and some toast while D shows off her flexibility, almost 9 and time to take the kiddo to school. I had so much exercise yesterday I am going to forgo the gym today, perhaps I can go tomorrow. =)
Off and running

OK at home and pounding the keyboard to write up a working for the coven tonight. My eyes are getting crossed.

Ritual mostly outlined, I derailed myself with cleaning the kitchen. I figure if yesterday was the living room today should be the kitchen. I cleared the counter and scrubbed it, pried the cutting board up and cleaned under it. (ew) scrubbed the stove top and then discovered the tea kettle. (ew) my hand hurts from scrubbing that damn thing, but it is far better than it was when I started.
FINALLY I realized what I could use my Amazon Gift cert for. Bwahahaha I now have about 7 books on their way as 'oh so frugal me' purchased all the books I wanted used. =D
I should be receiving the rest of the Dragon Codex series as well as a few more Dragonly books that I have been desiring. Squee!

Left the house around 145, I wanted to be in 'town' in case D needed me, plus I was dropping off a charge cord to Skot and shopping for a sand timer that was more than 3 minutes.
Just as I arrived in town D texted that she did not need me, cool. Found a parking spot right next to Skot! He came out of Cruzio to visit and get his charge cord. xoxox
Off to locate a timer, preferably with sand and longer than 3 minutes. Tried the Atlantic comic store, meh, no luck. Went in to Kitchen exploded and got totally overwhelmed with all my options, digital, mini, over large, really loud, shaped like an egg, shaped like a duck! All really neato but not what I wanted, just as I was giving up and getting an egg shaped 60 minute timer I finally spotted them. A small box that looked more like a set of food coloring. In very wonderful German it explains that the 3 minute is for green tea, the 5 minute is for black tea and the 7 minute is for herb tea. Sweet success! now for tonight's circle working we will have nice polite quiet timers to keep track of our time usage while sharing. =)

That all done I went back to my car, waved at Skot through the immense windows which launched him in to coming out for hugz and kisses. 2:30, a bit early but I headed for the school, found a nice shady spot a block away and chilled for 10 minutes, no more, no less as I was playing with my new timers. :)

As I approached the school Aya jettisoned, alone. Odd I thought we had a play date with Yssy, as a matter of fact I had been weaseled in to taking them to the beach. But Aya was down, Yssy was not coming, she asked to go straight home, but I knew better. I took her for a walk around Antonelli's pond. As we drove over there she began to unfurl, letting me know that there was drama between her and her BF. Rumors around school that they were no longer best of friends. Being ditched at lunch to be with others. Aya is feeling the strain and she was grateful that I was there to talk to . Poor thing, school drama sucks and it sucks worse when your being cold shouldered by your best friend.

The walk did it's therapy though, the wind, the water, bird song, fairy trails, trees to climb. By the time we made the halfway point she was feeling much better.
After we got home she spent a little time with the cats on the lawn then decided to take a shower and bathe China as well. Now we have a very sill revved up wet dog. LOL (eye roll)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My Honey woke up frisky this morning, a truly HOT shower to start the day.
Had a little cuppa, made Skot some tea and snack plate breakfast. Got dressed fed critters, collected eggs. Had more coffee, puttered around the living room picking up stuff and delivering it to the four corners of the house. Shoes, books, sweaters, perfume bottles, candles, hair brush, eye liner, more books and a duffel bag. Swept the kitchen and dining room, vacuumed the living room and hall, straightened the bathroom then had some more coffee.
Back outside I pruned the sap suckers off the plum tree which was now visible since Skot mowed on Sunday, then I went around front and trimmed the bottle brush. Not easy to do on a sunny morning with every buzzing creature in the neighborhood feasting on the bright flowers. I had to make a pact with the bees that I would not go fast that I would not yank on branches nor would I snip any flower that they were currently sitting on. This agreement kept me from getting stung while raising the trees skirt so we could see the street.
Not bad for the first 3 hours of my day. Wonder what else I can get in to . :)
11:15 am

Hmm not much time but I managed to feed Skot and Mom lunch while packing my lunch for the LOL. I did water the plants in the bathroom before scooting out of here close to noon. Arrived a few minutes late for LOL but not an issue, they were still organizing lunch. A fun old movie about why we do the things we do as human creatures we tend to protect our right to curiosity. Then an hour of RE4 where I got to witness lake monsters destroyed, numerous Zombie killings, some puzzles and of course we rescue the girl!
When I got home I checked on the bunnies, they were panting so I put an ice bottle in each cage. Plucked some lemon balm and fed it to the chickens, man their cage stinks right now, all those rotting rat carcasses somewhere under ground.. Checked on Skot, he was just getting ready to leave for the rest of the day. I got a call from Jeri, she invited me up to her place to stretch and play on the pole, I will leave here at 4 and should get to her place around 430.

Not a super productive day nor a very exciting one. suppose I'll skip re-posting to Google+.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Monday morning an easy rise at 820. Fed myself and Skot then went and took care of the critters. Really was hoping the bunnies would have been harvested yesterday but Skot wasn't ready, next weekend he says.
The chicken coop smells like death, which is to say that the rest of the rats are dead but inaccessible, we will just have to wait for the smell to go away, blech.
Went out front and watered my new green babies, I really hope they survive, I kinda suck as a gardener.
Skot and I had a wonderful chat about that last night. I told him I would bust my ass extra in the house if he would hire us a gardening person. My body just can't take the abuse of weeding and bending over for long periods any more. Hard enough to do that sort of thing with sewing.
He agreed and we will look into it when he gets his next paycheck. :)
I am also keen on getting to graph our spending, seeing as how we just started with the new account it should be relatively easy to set up and keep track of.

So today looks simple, I have no real plans or goals except to make plans and set goals. :)

Boring day, just working on computer stuff. (yawn)
Learning a new program called go.comapping, it's really awesome! planning out the house and property projects.

Got dinner made and fed us all just before Skot and I launched out the door to go to Games Group. The Authentic self communications skills group that Skot has been attending in Monterey.
It was fun, I enjoyed the games, the silliness and the sincerity. Though there were some people there that were not comfortable challenging themselves in this way.
After the meeting Skot and I took Colin to the Penny Ice-creamery, yum! then walked back to the cars and came home. A mellow evening just hanging out and watching a bit of Telly with Mom before reading in bed.


Wow, where the hell did my weekend go?!?
A quick review
Saturday we got up at a decent time, since I had the ballet rehearsal cancelled. Showered, packed my overnight bag, fed everyone breakfast then took D to the photo shoot. Stopped at Safeway and picked up snackies for the Beach picnic, checked in with Skot by phone, he had the little girls ready to leave. We met at the beach, which was really clean, then ate with our friends and headed out. Skot went back to the house to clean the girls up for the photoshoot, I went to the studio to take D out for lunch.
A delightful lunch with D which ended in her getting a manicure next door at Faust. Skot met up with us at Juans house for a little down time, while D dumped her school gear.
Took D back to the studio for her final pic, hung out with familiar adults then took D to her fathers work. Had a bite to eat then took off for Hayward where I was meeting Aaron for a party.
Party got started a little late but was a blast, Aaron and I left around 1am, got to his place at 1:30 and were sound asleep by 2!

Sunday I hung out with Aaron and Wendy and Sam til 2ish then came home to be with Skot for the eclipse.
Skot had cleaned up the back yard, it looks really nice. So we ate dinner on the deck and watched the eclipse via a hole poked in a piece of paper. (my brother taught me that trick!) We also showed the neighbors kids.
After the eclipse was passed it's apex we settled on the couch for some R&R&R for rest, relaxation and reading. Feeling both rested and frisky we retired to our room for some ritual, yoga and communion. =)
Slept really well last night.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I make up for yesterday.
I made breakfast for everyone, bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Skot took Aya to school on his way to work with his business partner. I finally got dressed and took D out for coffee then to school. I then went to Skots bank to put a PIN code I could remember on my new card. Promptly went to Ross and bought myself some new clothes, two pairs of shoes, two new purses, a dress and a skirt. Nom nom, but all the smells in the store gave me a headzche, blech.
At home I try everything on and show Mom, answer a text from Alisa to come over for lunch. Served up left overs from last night and chatted about our spiritual perceptions. Meanwhile adoring the little doggy she is 'sitting' for a friend. It must have weight all of three pounds and was named Goo. =D
Alisa has left and I am debating which garden bed to put the veggies in, I think the one on the left looks ready to receive. We'll see if I can keep these pretty green babies alive.

OK took care of the mini farm, talked to the chickens, brought the babies food and water, collected eggs, tossed out some corn treats. Refilled the bunny food, added alfalfa, emptied trays and doled out scrumples.
Then on out to the front yard uncovered and sifted through the last bin on the left, watered the soil then placed my new green babies in a pattern that pleased me. I realized the corn wont be tall enough to support the beans soon enough so I texted Skot and asked him to pick up some garden stakes and aviary netting then I remembered the egg shells. Egg shells crumbled and spread around the base of the plants tends to ward off the slugs and snails. Meanwhile my silly dog is chasing me from the front yard to the back yard acting, for all the world, like it was the best game ever!

Also sorted out the kid taxi mystery, this morning I was informed that Aya was attending a pool party after school. (?!!?!) ok but whos picking her up from this party since I do not know where it is?? I had also called Marta and offered to have Yssy over so that they can go to the photo shoot together. Marta called me...from the airport and said that that was a great offer seeing as how her mother was in Israel and she was heading for LA. Nev could use the help. (eyes roll) alright so I talked it over with Nev and that sounds like it will work. Now I'm beginning to think I will need to leave the beach picnic a titch early so I can get both girls in to the shower and hair up before we head down to the studio. Then I can take D out for some food and treats. =)
All this and I'm supposed to be in Hayward by 8pm!! EEk!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


good grief I hadn't meant to sleep in that late, but I woke up at 7 with cramps and a menstrual headache. So I had taken to IB, heated a rice pack and went back to bed. I woke up from a dream where I had been trying to write all the liturgy for a ritual that was to happen that night and I had had no lead time. I was talking it over with Skot at a small table in a sidewalk cafe in France, I was frantic, rushed and trying to make sure it was 'good'. When I suddenly looked around and realized it was at "a small table at a cafe in FRANCE"! The emotional construct around this was two fold; surprise and relief at realizing I was in such a beautiful place and that it had taken me so long to get to this point. I was both in tears and laughing at my plight. My table companion had only one thing to say 'It's ok, let it all out'.
I awoke a bit mystified and am now very groggily trying to get ready for my day. Too much to do, sewing grocery shopping, pet supplies and kid transport! Gah!

OH man so it's 430
Dropped Aya off at school then drove out to the feed store, OMG they sell seedlings! so I got corn, squash and beans, the three sisters, as well as rabbit food. Then off to TJ's picked up1/2 the groceries there, then on to Safeway, picked up 1/4 of the groceries there and ran out of steam. Took it all home, unloaded and put it all away including repackaging meat in to meal size packages for the freezer. Just enough time to pop back in to the sewing room and blast out the last three bustles! Yay me! (happy dance)
Out by the skin of my teeth with teen in tow, we dashed to Aya's school and got there just as it let out. Damn I'm good, even running late I'm early. Took D to dance then across town to A's piano lesson. I had a whole 40 minutes to sit still, so I caught up on email and FB on my Droid. Oh technology.
With Aya out of class we dashed back to the house, forgetting to stop at her Moms to pick up stuff, doh!
When we got home I asked Skot to do it when he was done with work.
Next leg of the day - last 1/4 of groceries, Moms appointment, deliver bustles and pick up D.

Holy mosey so I took Mom down to Chimera but Kai was running late by 30 minutes. I got them started then went to pick up the last of the groceries. I came back and the progress was really stunning, however, we were running late. So I ditched Mom and went after D, I did have 5 bustle tutu's to deliver. Upon arrival I was 'sung' in to the dance studio by the teacher, proclaiming me the most awesome woman in the world! I handed out the skirts and was treated to a full review of their dance with the costumes on. So friggin sweet!
Then grabbed up D and went back after Mom. Sure enough they had just finished up and she was waiting for me in the lobby, quite pleased with her refreshed tat.

Zipping back up the hill we enter the house with two bags of fresh produce and the best smelling dinner ready to eat! Skot to the rescue again! What a champ, he had his own long, hard work day but still managed to make a kick ass meal. I love my man.
Next on the agenda, help D with her homework and then subjecting ourselves to her homework. That is for her psych class she is to have test subjects watch emotionally charged movies then sleep then answer a questionnaire in the morning to see if the movie affected the dreaming. Totally cool, but I think D has a tear jerker lined up for us. I'm looking forward to some well deserved down time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wow, starting the day off productive!
I think it was 7:30 out of bed, I put the kettle on then jumped in the shower for a rinse, got back to the kitchen just as the whistle blew. Started the coffee then went to tend the farm while it steeped. Bunny's fed, chickens checked, eggs collected and back to the house.
Coffee and convo with Skot then dressed and back out for some food. Pulled out frozen chicken for tonights dinner and have assessed that it is time to go shopping.
Dressed and ready for the gym at 845

Had a great work out 2.25 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical, 90 tri-level crunches, with that success I bumped up my weight assisted pull ups to 3 sets of 6 amounting to 18 but then petered out on my 3rd set of 30/30's to only 8 reps, my arms is tired. :-/  stretched and cooled down then came home. I realized I had not brought my ever present communication device, how odd, then also realized the mail was still in my purse not in the mailbox, oops.
Got home and crammed down a snack with shaking hands then remembered yet another bill that needed to be mailed. Got that prepped and ran it out to the mailbox too. Stopped and chatted with the neighbor Jen, I guess they're planning on adding a pool to their back yard. Awesome!
OK need to do some bunny chores, a little house cleaning then out the sewing room to continue my battle with tulle!
Hmmm neighborhood just got buzzed by a military helicopter. ??!!?? 1245
                                         Original                                          my copy
Dear Gods! I have spent the last couple of hours working with tulle, my eyes are crossed. But the first prototype has been assembled, then disassembled, added to and reassembled. Not enough red in the first one, so now I will need to cut more red to make the other 4 just as cool.
I took a break and cleaned up the house a bit, put shoes away swept the kitchen and dining room, vacuumed the living room and the hall, picked up laundry off the bathroom floor, prepped chicken in a marinade and made myself some tea. All in an effort to avoid the sewing project. But now that I have a good looking prototype I can just dig in and sew them all. I must say working with tulle is sort of like trying to sew live snakes together!

Ooooh just got a call from Aya, she is just about back from her school field trip to Caloma. I cant wait to hear her stories!! 4pm

Alright making good headway on the bustles, maybe done by tomorrow afternoon, for now I am taking a break to finish preparing dinner, thought Skot and Aya would be here at 6 but they decided to go pick up D at 6:30 so I put stuff back in the oven to keep it warm.
Went and took care of my afternoon farm chores, made sure bunnies had food and water, checked on the little chickens, they'll be fine til morning but the main coop had two dilemma's. First the water was empty, got that fixed, second the rat bait is finally doing it's job...eww. There are 5 dead rats in or near the coop. The little buggers have been living off the chicken food. I hate to destroy any creature but this was getting out of hand. They were too smart for the traps both humane and snappity snap. So I had to ask Terminex to put out a box of bait. :-/ I don't like it much but we were running out of options.

I am so looking forward to seeing both our girls, hearing their stories and maybe hanging out a bit. :)
6:30 and totally starving (the smell of the cooked food is driving me crazy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yummy, Day nice and sunny. Gonna be a warm one.
Made coffee, had a light breakfast, did my barn yard chores. Then Mom helped me sort out how much fabric to buy for the tulle bustles I need to make for Jazz 3/4.
Meanwhile Skot was harvesting our Rhode Island Red. She had become a hazard in that she was breaking open and eating the eggs. We bless her on her journey and give gratitude for all the gifts she has given us.
Now to drive the Hill to visit my favorite fabric store in the area. Fabrics R Us!
9:30 am
copy x 5 :-/

Update 1 pm
The trip over the Hill was smooth, the fabric was found and purchased at a stunning 1.25/yard with a discount for paying in cash!
My utmost gratitude goes out to the Hwy Patrol officer who chose to lecture me over his loud speaker rather than pull me over for doing 10 mph over the speed limit. I did slow down but the Mustang and the Porsche that were behind you took off at 75mph as soon as you exited the roadway. =D
Got to the League of Leisure gathering just on time! unfortunately we were disbanded since our host got a call to go make some quick cash with a Tarot reading. Got home and learned the walk I had planned for later also got cancelled so here I am back at home and off to the sewing room once again. :)

Half way through cutting the Tulle I had to leave for the studio. It was a gorgeous day and I felt really good. The dance outfits I made fit the kids and Melissa and Abra were pleased. Got to chat with Abra for nearly 30 minutes, felt really good and connected.
When I got in the car I realized I had missed two texts, 1) Skot was headed back from SJ 2) my student was on her way to my house.
Mad scramble to get home, but she beat me anyway. No worries her and China have a special friendship, they were snuggling on the porch when I got there.
Skot came in about halfway through my session, a really good discussion of herbs, tinctures, oils and brews. Then on to Astrology, astronomy and relationships.
Skot chose to make dinner, bless his heart and thank the Gods cuz I was starving!.
After Dinner Skot went to meet up with a friend and try out contact dancing. I'll be interested in his impressions..
I did not have the energy to go back to the sewing room so I parked it on the couch and found the coolest program ever! NOVA Hunting the Elements. Like watching a Bill Nye 2 hour special on the periodic table.
Ok does that make me sound terribly geeky? I spent the evening watching a show about science...naw. :)
now... I'm toast, see ya on the flip side.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday 5/13/2012 was Mothers Day.
I had a great morning watching cartoons with Aya on the couch, then dressing up pretty to go to lunch with my Mom, my daughter, Skot and Skots Mom. We met up with Aya's Mom in the parking lot for the trade off and hugz. We were then seated and ordered drinks. Skot waited downstairs until his Mom arrived. When she got there she handed out gifts and received her card with grace, we ordered food, then she quietly slipped off to the bathroom, when she came back she was grey and shaky?! Skot took charge and as much as he did not want to leave he took his mother by the elbow, escorted her out, put her in her car and took her to our house for a place to lay down. I finished my lovely food and free shooter from the manager and took Mom and D and the boxed food for Skot back to the house.
Plainly she could/should not drive the Hill in this state so I took my car and Skot drove his mother back to her house in SJ. We visited briefly and she was looking better then we fueled up and came back to Santa Cruz. Stopping off at the BBQ at Juans house, I slipped away and helped D dye her hair, then went back out to visit, eat, drink and make nice.
Once D came out to show us how her hair turned out we made our escape and headed home.
FINALLY I get to relax, I asked Skot to play Zelda for me and I helped him solve a whole bunch of puzzles. A delightful way to spend 2 hours of downtime.
My mothers day gift from Skot was a massage, sigh, melt. Slept really well.

Aside from this Blog I have dealt with the mini farm, bunnies fed and watered, cages tweaked with bailing wire and some pliers. Took scraps out to the chickens to find a real sticky mess. We have a couple egg eater hens and there was a huge puddle of goo sticking the rest of the eggs together. Time to cull the worst offender. Fortunately she has never been a 'pet' so there are no grievous feelings. I have sequestered the Red in a small cage with only water. Tomorrow morning Skot will do his duty to the flock and we will have chicken stew in the near future.
We have also been keeping our boy kitty Riley 'in' the last couple of days as he got his ass kicked and has a big owy on his foreleg. He's not used to spending all day indoors and is being quite vocal about his disapproval on the subject.

it's 10 am and I am so not in the mood for the gym, I think I will just stick to getting in to the sewing room and finishing up those three costumes. I also have dishes to do and dinner to consider.
Round one M~

Dear Gawds I hate working with chiffon!!!
I first mathed out and created a pattern for skimpy multi layer chiffon skirt then I cut one out of the fabric itself. I am so brain sore I have not yet attempted to sew the pieces together let alone to the tops. sigh, I need these done by tomorrow so I can stop in and see if they fit the dancers. *whimper...I don wanna.
ok, another cup of coffee and back to the grind stone.

Massive derailment of extreme pleasantness!!
I found out long time friend Jack was coming to town tonight so I arranged to have dinner with him and my friends he was visiting. So after getting all the obnoxious fabric cut, I paused to make Mom some dinner, then Skot and I ran downtown to meet up.
Dinner of pizza was wonderful and visiting with my friends was such a joy. I realized D should see him so I zipped over to her Dads and kidnapped her for about 40 minutes. Jack proceeded to try and teach her the ukulele! Love and fun was shared, it's great to see Jack looking so great.
Took off and dropped D back at her fathers then came home and finished the two costumes. I'm beat, time for some horizontal meditation.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


How many times and in how many ways can one have their sleep interrupted?!
I am a groggy dragon today.
Today's line up looks impressive, Take D to Ballet, then she will meet up with friends at TJ's 11am and I will go fetch her around 6:30
Need to find out when we get Aya back???
The Visiting Priest and Priestess should be here around 12/1230 to fetch the needed things out of the shed. I will then accompany them to the Hall to unlock and set up. I'm excited to see what they have to offer us!
Then after we clean up we will be heading off to the Solaris meeting at the Freaky Tiki as soon as that is done I will drive to Bonny Doon and fetch Grrl, bring her home, let her primp for the Prom, then drop her off. So exciting!
Updates later
A Nice little derailment! Skot asked me to join him ant Linda Sea-breeze cafe for Breakfast after I dropped D at dance. While waiting for a table we ran into JMatt, combined our table request and had a lovely spirited conversation over too much coffee and very yummy food. Stopped by TJ's to make sure D caught her ride, I was too late for a hug but at least I know for certain she got a ride at 11 as scheduled.
Home again and too full to make coherent thoughts, I will just lay here and await the arrival of the Visiting Priest and Priestess  to pick up OC gear.
Crap, So the Visiting Priest and Priestess are running late and decide not to come here. This for some reason just irritates the fu@# out of me. My feeling is that they should have made an effort to learn our system, to utilize the available materials and make contact with me before they start. But the visiting Priest just decided they could do with out anything that CS had to offer. I arrived on the scene trying not to spit venom. the visiting Priestess felt it and decided to drive to my house, fetch the things I recommended and come back on her own. What a champ, she certainly has impressed me. Her and I exchanged apologies after the whole affair in the parking lot.
Then off to the CS Solaris meeting, waiting impatiently for 5 people to show up at 5-ish. The meeting went well all the new things were discussed and job descriptions gone over. All in all a great meeting. :)

Raced off at 6:28 to drop Skot at home and fetch D from Bonny Doon. Arrived to retrieve a sullen, sulky, cross and belligerent teenager. WTF!? She snarled, I snarled and she did not speak to me for 20 minutes. Then a slow sullen apology and a brief description of her emotions. I was quickly able to identify 'Jealousy' regarding her friend, 'Fear' about attending a dance where she might not know anyone, and the kicker 'Hormones' for a nice dose of uncontrollable tears. I gave her 45 minutes to clean herself up and get her self under control, I conned her in to eating a little something, I assuaged the tears with a little hot cocoa, finally coaxed the beautiful young lady in a gorgeous dress to come out and let me take photos and drop her off at the prom by 9pm.

I'm pretty sure she is having a blast, just needed a crowbar to get her out of her funk.
Whew I downed a drink when I got home and am now ready for bed.

Friday, May 11, 2012


The morning started off ok, a little groggy, but seeing as how I had set out my clothes while folding laundry last night I did not really need to think too hard to get dressed. Met up with everyone bumbling around in the kitchen grabbed a little grub, fed the kids, got some coffee and before I knew it we were leaving.
815 we pile in the car and head down Western Drive where we regularly see "Bulldog Guy" aka Ed and his boxer Louie, we like to wave and he thinks it's wonderful, waves back every time with a great big smile.
Winding around in our usual fashion we get Aya to school in plenty of time.
Heading for D's school she protests the lack of available funds and the need for food, so I stopped of at Whole-paycheck and bought her a drink and a salad for lunch, then got cash back and gave her a portion of her allowance. Dropped her off out front of the school and headed for the gym.
Got to see my antagonist face to face, gave my name at the counter then stormed off to 'be alone' 30 minutes and 2.27 miles, then 75 sit ups, 15 weight assisted pull ups, 2 reps of 30/30's, cool off and stretch.
1015 back in the car, contacted Matthew to meet up. Stopped at the mini mart for a granola bar and some OJ. Arrived at Matthews and had a wonderful, if brief, tour of his new place, got to meet his absolutely sweet cat then on to the important things, the metal detector.
Matthew gave me a 15 minute rundown of what it can do, what it should do and what might interfere with what it should do. A demonstration with a few coins and then a new discovery of a the butt end of an old toy gun, matching the one he found previously in the same yard. Another tour of his awesomely appointed work shop with many gizmos and collectibles has my head spinning!
A bucket of tools and implements as well as 4 books and he walked me to my car. I wish him and his wife well on their moth long, long overdue, honeymoon on the east coast. This little toy should keep me busy at the next beach picnic!!
Got home just in time to say good bye to Skot as he heads off to lunch with a business client. Grabbed some food, more coffee, a long chat with Abra about the upcoming field trip Aya is going on, a quick shower then wrote out 3 Mothers day cards and walked them to the mail box.
NOW after writing this incredibly long account of my morning, I am going to go lock myself in the sewing room for a few hours and try to knock out the Jazz 1 costumes that I have been consigned to create.
1pm M~

Grrrrr mather frakin, tar suckin, stupid machines!!!!
I have spent the last 1.5 hours trying to get my machines to sew this Gawds forsaken fabric!!!
Deep breath
OK so the fabric is a little slippery, so the feed dogs aren't doing their job on the old machine. The overlock is just being retarded!!! I think it's time for a new one, well after 15 years what can you expect. The thread simply gets tangled inside the machine, it wont make a continuous chain and is therefore useless to me.
So I make a stab at the new, gifted, fancy schmancy, electronic Brother brand sewing machine.
Whew, it makes the two pieces go together, but I think I may need to get a Phd in physics just to sort out the threading diagram, the needle placement and the stitch settings.
Now I'm doubting my patterning ability. I need to take this prototype down and try it on Aya so I know if I am close to fitting her or not. The fabric did not have nearly the amount of stretch I thought it did, sigh. Guess I'll go track her down.
3:45 M~
Found her...peddling cookies on Westcliff! =D
So I got her to try it on, it's tight but she said it fit fine, success. But before I left I wrote up a new sign for the girls that read "Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies and Doggy Treats, 25 C" They thanked me.
I stopped by to visit the old codger in the circles, him and his lovely wife are remodeling the interior of their house. After I caught my breath from laughing so hard at the utter descombobulation of their living room, we visited. I got a call from Skot he is visiting people over in the 41st Ave area and then going to catch Ang and Alisa's show at Pizza My Heart. I chose to go home instead, that is just the wrong direction to try and travel at 6pm!
Came home and ate some very tasty left overs, put a movie on for mom then went back to the sewing room to make two more of these extraordinarily colorful items:
Just need to put the chiffon skirts on them and we are good to go!
After all that I let myself rest, watched the end of the movie with mom. Time to fetch kiddo, drove out to Bonny Doon, pried her away from her friends and brought her reluctant butt home. She was having just waaay too much fun.
Now I have a very large glass of red wine I intend on drinking before bed.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Oh Gods, the fog monster, I'm so sleepy. Had terrible sleep thrashing around in the bed. ugh. 720am
GAH! totally random 745, it's 'Bike to school' Day. Aya's friends called and said if she could be down in 15 minutes she could ride with them! I am not even dressed. So Skot took her, thank heavens he was done with the Bee hive already.
Ok unconditional love is the key to  a good sense of self and a good start to a day.
After sorting the laundry and putting the first load in I was feeling a really good 'crank' coming on. I'm tired, got up too early too fast with too much to do. So I put myself back in bed to try and start over. IT WORKED!
I climbed in and my kitty was totally thrilled, she came up and purred and snuggled. Then Skot got home and came and chatted with me, snuggled me and went off to start work. Then our boy kitty Riley come up and found me, he must have made three wriggling circuits on my chest before finding just the right spot with his head jammed up under my chin and his paw around my neck, purring and purring, warm and snugglishous!

About ten minutes of that and we both made a giant sigh. He didn't even complain when I got up, just gave me blinky love eyes and snuggled himself down at the foot of the bed.
Day rescued.
Laundry firmly underway, went to the bank to put our new VP on as a signer...only they did not have an accounts officer to help us out and the guy behind the counter couldn't even find our original paperwork. *sigh. So we waded through all the paperwork on our own, as best we could and handed it in. Just need to scan and send a few remaining documents and we should be good to go.
Lunch with all the ladies was fun and good for morale, now back to readying myself for the remainder of my day.
Fascinating how a day can kind of slide sideways when your not paying attention.
I did three loads of laundry, ironing several delicate items, still needs folding, I'll tackle that when I can get a hand from the Mister.
I played Mom taxi for a few hours, drove down to pick Aya up from school. Both girls wanted a snack/treat so we went to Jamba Juice, D walked to the studio from there and I took Aya to her Piano lesson. We were a few minutes late but that was because we missed the light twice, traffic was terrible!
30 minutes of listening to a 'very' talented young lady, play several tunes and learn a new one! Headed back for the house and finally gave myself permission to sit and rest.
It's a little after 5, dinner is in the over, Skot is cooking tonight! I have that laundry to tackle but that is about it. at 615 or so I will head down to the studio and get measurements from the girls that need Tutu's, stupid supply company, first the Jazz 1 outfits, now Jazz 3/4 needs 5 bustle skirts in tulle. (rolls eyes) but hey I get brownie points with every one at the studio and some cash for making them.
Tomorrow is sewing studio day, look out!
Tonight should be easy going, perhaps a movie with the family. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Started the morning off groggy fumbled around and had some yogurt and granola for breakfast then had to sew D's ballet slippers, mer! strange project but I guess the elastic comes unattached so you can fit it to your own ankles.
Then dredging some already used sweatpants out of the laundry I prepared to go to the gym after dropping kiddo off at school. out the door by 8:30!!
iPod dead, had to use my Droid with Pandora to do my work out. Felt good though, 30min/2mile run on the elliptical, then 60 sit ups, 15 weight assisted pull ups then two rounds of 30/30s. Cooled down with a brief stretch then jetted to the grocery store.
$80 worth of food stuffs later I raced home and took a quick rinse before diving in to making a presentable lunch. My old school chum Paul S. came over for coffee, lunch and conversation. A delightful visit.
Then as I was putting things away I realized I had NOT started the crock pot full of beans yet!! gah!
OK with that handled I now have... 1 hour before I need to pick up D from school, drop her at Dance, pick up Aya and her friend from school and bring them home.
Whew, 1:30 and I'm spinning!
Tonight is coven so when I get home I will need to prepare for tonight's ritual.
I was hoping to stop off and get the metal detector from Matthew, perhaps I can squeak it in some how or maybe on Friday
Also checking in with and coaxing the CS P&P for this months OC.
I guess no house work will be getting done today!

The beans were amazing! yummy and went really well with the sauteed greens that were brought for potluck.
I goofed and missed an email, wound up sending two people after D at dance class...oh well better too many than not enough. So transporting kids about this afternoon was easy, but needed to stop off and buy D some food. Silly Grrl forgot lunch. Got a phone call from the old job asking me to take a survey, scheduled that for 4pm. Picked up some very sullen 9 yr olds and brought them home. Skot clocked off early to go spend time with them on a fort project.
After the survey I had about an hour to sit down and really think out a good working for the group. Releasing negative energy surrounding the work place or job efforts. Seemed appropriate on a waning moon in Capricorn. I even had time to set up the temple and print things up for everyone.
After dinner we got a call from one of our group that she was not going to make it so we had our circle with out her. :( the working was well received, my mates are awesome!
Back in the house, kids did the dishes, YAY!
Got a crazy line up for tomorrow!!
Kids bike to school day, visit the bank, take someone I've never met on a walk at Natural Bridges, pick up kiddo, piano lessons, pick up other kiddo, dinner and a movie? Dude! I need to get to bed I'm already tired.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today started off great with coffee and breakfast in bed! My Honey really loves me. =)
I have fed and watered all the critters and am working on drawing up the plans for the new rabbit suburbia. Currently we have the Bunny ghetto! ramshackle cages stacked precariously on top of one another.
This is the basis for my design:
But I want it about 16' long with 6 cages in a row. One big problem is the damn tree about 3' from the fence and 5' from the end of the chicken coop. I'm trying to incorporate it in to my design, I mean the whole reason we want the rabbits there is that the tree provides good shade. *sigh*

I have managed to track down and dose with Advantage all three cats and the dog. After finding ticks in the house I decided it was time to start beefing up around here. With Terminex tick pellets and Advantage flea meds I am hoping this summer will not be miserable for both animals and humans.

Today's productivity will be interrupted by an outing with the LOL = League of Leisure, then a trip to the Feed store for alfalfa then a side trip to see Abra and measure the kids that need costumes. Sheesh the costume company really blew it when they were only able to supply a portion of the class with the chosen costume. I will see what I can do to replicate it for three kids. 'gulp'
Then I will dash home and make dinner, although I may just miss Skot as he is going to a Social Marketing event at around the same time. After that I should check on the critters, clean the kitchen and wait for D to be delivered.
But I will update later as to what really happens.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Today I got started with checking on all the critters, fresh water for the baby chickens, food for all the bunnies.
Started working on the house by taking the bed apart, put fresh sheets on, washed the purple blanket, ran the green one through the dryer as well as all my pillows. :) mmm fresh yummy pillows! I then ran the kitty blanket and quilt through the wash.
Drifted around aimlessly for a few minutes, read email then started plotting my afternoon. I boiled a dozen eggs seeing as how our hens are being prolific and we have 3 dozen on hand! Once they were cooled I drew little faces on each of them then put them in a labeled box back in the fridge.

Mom and Skot left at the same time around 12-1230 so I decided to attack moms cubicle. I moved things around and vacuumed her area! Then I got over to Skots and my desk and vacuumed under them, moved the file cabinet to my side and discovered the garbage overflowing. Took all the garbage and recycle from our desk, Mom's desk the bathroom and the kitchen outside (for Skot) I discovered a gnarly collection of plastic bags under the kitchen counter so I collected them all up and put it with the rest. I also took Windex to the windows in the front rooms. Since Skot and Mom are allergic to ammonia I have to wait for them to be out of the house to use it.
I vacuumed the entry, laundry and pantry, yuck.
Changed the vacuum bag and ran the Kirby over the two front room carpet before putting it away. I lit an incense brick then turned on the fan and opened up the house.
I took out some chicken for dinner and started reading recipes.
2pm I put ice bottles in each of the bunny cages, it got a little warm this afternoon.
Terminex guy showed up, I directed him to the rat problem in our coop and asked for tick pellets.
Then I decided I needed to be logging all this craziness, it is now 3pm, wonder what else I'll get done today?!

5:30 pm update
I Windexed the window panes in the back door then fetched the remaining laundry out of the dryer. Finished making the bed, even with Mr. Skot holding court from the bedside. I rested for 30 minutes staring off in to space. Came to and studied for 30 minutes.
Fixed up chicken, Sunchokes with Zuchini and little potatoes.
Time to rest and reap the rewards of my labors. Later I will check on all the critters one last time and fetch the ice bottles to put back in the Freezer. Skot is making me a drink and we have a movie for tonights entertainment.
Sigh, a very productive day indeed!


Cleaned the heater intake vent and filter, took a wet rag to the ceiling fan blades, vacuumed the living room, cleared the table and straightened the bedroom.
in the evening after going to SJ and picking up fabric for dance costumes I helped Skot clean out the bunny cages, then mated Annie and Papa, we should have babies in 4 weeks then 4 more weeks we should have a new bunny hutch. I need to finish drawing up the plans to get the bid from Matthew Cummick.
After putting the bunnies away Skot and I built an alter for gratitude then sat out in the setting sun through twilight discussing what we were grateful for. :)

In the beginning

I created this blog so that I could track my progress at home. After years and years (10 full time 16 part time) of always having a job whether minimal or 40 hours, I am at home.
This came on the heels of a radical change for the better. No I am not ill, no one has died and left me millions and I did not win the lottery. No indeed but my partner of 5 years just got a magnificent job that earns us enough to keep me home minding the house, livestock, children and calendaring. A brave new realm for me I am taking up the challenging roll of House wife! I like to refer to it as 'Domestic Administrator' as that seems to describe it much better.
So my future posts may not be very interesting but I need a place to log my progress.