Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Several important things this June 2012

I am really in awe of how much has happened in such a short period of time. I think that the universe likes to speed things up for Summer!
First off D and Aya did an amazing job at their dance recital. D was in 5 performances and Aya was in 4. Both girls have really improved their style. I did not get a picture of Aya that day but here is one of D wrapped around her friend Rory and hugged from behind by Malakai. Mal's little sister Saskia is in front.

The day after the recital Aya turned 10!! OMG! beautiful little Aya is growing up so wonderfully. And now that I am home and spending more time with her we have really bonded. She gives great snuggles and hugz! This picture was when her and I took a walk around Antonelli's Pond.

NOW! D has graduated from Sophomore to Junior in HS. Good heavens where does the time go?! Her report card was phenomenal, all B's and one C+ (in her least fav subject) She also took an extra class which rewarded her with an extra 3 points toward her graduation, that was an Intro to Psychology. She also did an internship as a Teachers Assistant at the dance studio, which also granted her extra points toward her HS graduation.
She laughingly told me that she thought of them as 'Mario Points' and soon she would level up.
She was aiming for something like 25 points this year and netted 33.5!
I am very proud (as if that was not obvious)
The next amazing thing that has happened is that D started working...I know! 'Say What?!?!' Yup she is 15-1/2 and has started learning the ropes at her Dad's work, she is Hostessing at Jefferey's Restaurant on Saturday night. I got to deliver her to her first day on the job and got this photo, which she promptly made me 'swear' I would not post on FB, so I am posting it here instead. =) (Please do not repost)
Shortly after D's Graduation I mailed in my Bachelors exam papers to the University of Metaphysics in Arizona. They emailed me and said they had received my packet and would get back to me in about 4 weeks. It took me a little over 2 years to work my way through the 48 lessons included in their BS program. I am looking forward to the Masters program!

Next on the Summer schedule was Solaris and I had a fantastic time this year. Lots of fun, new people, old friends, and experimenting with a two track template. There was little to no drama, lots of love and laughter, drums and dancing, meditation and twister. =D

I come home and try to sort out my life, laundry and sleeping habits when Nancy calls and says she'll be stopping by to give me her old car. Yes we had discussed it, yes I was thrilled to accept it, but somehow it had not become real to me until we sat down and signed the pink slip last night!!!!
So the next step in that story is to get D her Permit, teach her to drive and give her my little Suzuki.

Also my little green babies have really fluffed out and I am getting excited about the fruits they will offer up at harvest time. I have squash, corn and string beans in one container then Tomato, hard squash and a mystery volunteer in the other box. The mystery plant came with the compost and it is starting to act like either a pumpkin or melon with little curly strands reaching out.

Last but certainly not least our latest batch of baby bunnies is up and bouncing around the cage. I have managed to cook rabbit well enough that my family likes to eat it so there is one more success. This batch is 8 and we will not be keeping any of them this time. The last batch we kept a doe and a buck for future breeding.
Holy Moly, my life is filled with such joy and I am grateful.

OH almost forgot about the 198' of new fence line!! The whole South and West side of the property got a face lift. Thanks to our industrious and fairly priced new handy man. He ingeniously reused about 90% of the existing fence boards, replaced all the posts and put in a kick board that will keep the bugs from eating any more of the fence. Included was also a kid ladder in the S/W corner under the apple tree so that Aya and her friends can go up and down with out too much trouble. =)


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love it! It makes me feel that much more blessed to have you as the other mama in Aya;s life. XO

  2. Aya is a sweet dear girl whom I enjoy and even understand. :) I'm glad you are her #1 mama and thrilled to be her pseudo-step-mom. <3