Monday, June 11, 2012


Ah Sunday
We woke up late, we went to Charity's house for a home made brunch. We went shopping at Beverly's.
When we got home we decided to work on the homestead. Skot Mowed the yards while I cleaned the kitchen. I helped him a few times with this and that. Took ice bottles to the bunnies around 2/3 pm, it had gotten fairly warm. Baby bunnies are all looking very healthy.

I got a lot done in the house, the kitchen was totally trashed and Mom had done 3 days worth of dishes which I needed to put away. Scrubbed the counters and the sink then the stove top and front. Blech, I also organized the drawers and tucked things away neater than they had been. It will be much easier to get at things now.
Once I was done I took a much deserved rest on the couch with my book. When Skot decided he was done I put out left overs for us to Nom on while watching Skot beat the snot out of monsters on Zelda.

We turned off the game at 9 and went to do some herb assisted yoga and some hard snuggling.
Ah, Sunday

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