Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's nice to get all chores done before actually becoming coherently awake.
Fed bunnies and took care of chickens, only one egg today. Skot brought me my sprouted spell seedling and I placed it in the garden with the rest of my little green babies and watered. Seeing the state of the front water spigot, I really need to get someone to repair it!
Having a little left over coffee and some toast while D shows off her flexibility, almost 9 and time to take the kiddo to school. I had so much exercise yesterday I am going to forgo the gym today, perhaps I can go tomorrow. =)
Off and running

OK at home and pounding the keyboard to write up a working for the coven tonight. My eyes are getting crossed.

Ritual mostly outlined, I derailed myself with cleaning the kitchen. I figure if yesterday was the living room today should be the kitchen. I cleared the counter and scrubbed it, pried the cutting board up and cleaned under it. (ew) scrubbed the stove top and then discovered the tea kettle. (ew) my hand hurts from scrubbing that damn thing, but it is far better than it was when I started.
FINALLY I realized what I could use my Amazon Gift cert for. Bwahahaha I now have about 7 books on their way as 'oh so frugal me' purchased all the books I wanted used. =D
I should be receiving the rest of the Dragon Codex series as well as a few more Dragonly books that I have been desiring. Squee!

Left the house around 145, I wanted to be in 'town' in case D needed me, plus I was dropping off a charge cord to Skot and shopping for a sand timer that was more than 3 minutes.
Just as I arrived in town D texted that she did not need me, cool. Found a parking spot right next to Skot! He came out of Cruzio to visit and get his charge cord. xoxox
Off to locate a timer, preferably with sand and longer than 3 minutes. Tried the Atlantic comic store, meh, no luck. Went in to Kitchen exploded and got totally overwhelmed with all my options, digital, mini, over large, really loud, shaped like an egg, shaped like a duck! All really neato but not what I wanted, just as I was giving up and getting an egg shaped 60 minute timer I finally spotted them. A small box that looked more like a set of food coloring. In very wonderful German it explains that the 3 minute is for green tea, the 5 minute is for black tea and the 7 minute is for herb tea. Sweet success! now for tonight's circle working we will have nice polite quiet timers to keep track of our time usage while sharing. =)

That all done I went back to my car, waved at Skot through the immense windows which launched him in to coming out for hugz and kisses. 2:30, a bit early but I headed for the school, found a nice shady spot a block away and chilled for 10 minutes, no more, no less as I was playing with my new timers. :)

As I approached the school Aya jettisoned, alone. Odd I thought we had a play date with Yssy, as a matter of fact I had been weaseled in to taking them to the beach. But Aya was down, Yssy was not coming, she asked to go straight home, but I knew better. I took her for a walk around Antonelli's pond. As we drove over there she began to unfurl, letting me know that there was drama between her and her BF. Rumors around school that they were no longer best of friends. Being ditched at lunch to be with others. Aya is feeling the strain and she was grateful that I was there to talk to . Poor thing, school drama sucks and it sucks worse when your being cold shouldered by your best friend.

The walk did it's therapy though, the wind, the water, bird song, fairy trails, trees to climb. By the time we made the halfway point she was feeling much better.
After we got home she spent a little time with the cats on the lawn then decided to take a shower and bathe China as well. Now we have a very sill revved up wet dog. LOL (eye roll)

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