Monday, May 28, 2012


Oh deary me the weekend was full and busy
I woke up Saturday morning at 610, fully 20 minutes before the alarm was set to go off. I had woken from a nightmare in which Mom had broken her leg from carelessly stepping off some stairs in heels at a club. We were both shocked and panicked as I realized I would need to call 911. The adrenaline totally pumping as I woke was enough to launch me out of bed.
I had a small snack, washed out the coffee maker loaded a few things in the car and left for the yard sale, first stopping at Safeway for a few items such as cream and OJ.
Arriving at 645 I assisted in setting up the coffee and cookie bar. The day evaporated in a series of cups of coffee, trips to the snack counter in the kitchen, meandering through the goodies for sale and hugging friends. Punctuated with the trip to the dance studio to pick up D and Aya's arrival from her sleep over.

By 1pm my energy was flagging by 2pm I gave up. I attempted to talk to Skot, to tell him what I planned but I could no longer articulate. He just laughed and told me to go home. I rescued the kids and dragged off all our loot, all $30 of it. I went to bed as soon as we got home and woke up around 3:30, groggy but rested I put together an over night bag, collecting all the necessaries. I then wrangled the kids, Got D to load up all her stuff for Dads and Aya to put together her overnight bag with fresh clothes.
When Skot got home he freshened up tossed his stuff in to my bag and we hit the road. Dropped D off at her fathers and drove to Oakland to see Annika, her friends and their new house.
We had a delightful time, we played on the yoga swing in the rumpus room, we watched the sunset from the roof, sat on Annika's swing bed and petted her sweet black cat. Pitching everyone out at 10pm we took over the rumpus room. Aya and I each slept on giant bean bags in front of the fire, Skot snuggled and slept with Annika in her swinging bed.


The alarm went off at 6am on Sunday morning...I was not amused. I hit snooze twice before my bladder won out. stumbling around I finally got Skot up, got dressed, fed, brushed, packed and out the door by 10 after 7. We drove to Amanda's house in San Jose, got there by 8:30 and helped finish the set up. I also got the coffee going there and set up our goodies table. We were beat but we stayed until noon, sold a few things but it was really quiet. As we entered Santa Cruz Abra called and we chose to drop Aya off at her house on the way through. It was a bit of a harsh emotional trade off but all was well.
Exhausted we got home about 1, Skot went out and checked on all the animals and plants, I took a shower and when he came in he hopped in the shower too. As I was putting my hair up in my new fun doo with little spun knobs, Skot fell sound asleep! I was not quite ready for that so I read for an hour, Pulled out food for dinner and thought it through as to what we would eat. THEN I went to bed at 3:30. Woke up at 430, my internal nap clock is very particular. Skot kept on sleeping all the way to 5 and was quite relieved to discover dinner was already in the oven! Even not very awake I had the presence of mind to put the meat and root veggies in to the oven, viola, dinner an hour later. =)
We truly took it easy and screwed off for the remainder of the day. I turned on a stupid movie, we ate dinner in our laps. After the movie we went and did some herb assisted Yoga and then became entirely engrossed in one another for the better part of an hour. Yum!
10pm and we were hungry again, go figure. So we bundled up, made a snack and played Zelda until midnight. LOL!!! Finally satiated with pleasure, fun and food we went back to bed and slept in til 8ish.

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