Friday, May 18, 2012


Today I make up for yesterday.
I made breakfast for everyone, bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Skot took Aya to school on his way to work with his business partner. I finally got dressed and took D out for coffee then to school. I then went to Skots bank to put a PIN code I could remember on my new card. Promptly went to Ross and bought myself some new clothes, two pairs of shoes, two new purses, a dress and a skirt. Nom nom, but all the smells in the store gave me a headzche, blech.
At home I try everything on and show Mom, answer a text from Alisa to come over for lunch. Served up left overs from last night and chatted about our spiritual perceptions. Meanwhile adoring the little doggy she is 'sitting' for a friend. It must have weight all of three pounds and was named Goo. =D
Alisa has left and I am debating which garden bed to put the veggies in, I think the one on the left looks ready to receive. We'll see if I can keep these pretty green babies alive.

OK took care of the mini farm, talked to the chickens, brought the babies food and water, collected eggs, tossed out some corn treats. Refilled the bunny food, added alfalfa, emptied trays and doled out scrumples.
Then on out to the front yard uncovered and sifted through the last bin on the left, watered the soil then placed my new green babies in a pattern that pleased me. I realized the corn wont be tall enough to support the beans soon enough so I texted Skot and asked him to pick up some garden stakes and aviary netting then I remembered the egg shells. Egg shells crumbled and spread around the base of the plants tends to ward off the slugs and snails. Meanwhile my silly dog is chasing me from the front yard to the back yard acting, for all the world, like it was the best game ever!

Also sorted out the kid taxi mystery, this morning I was informed that Aya was attending a pool party after school. (?!!?!) ok but whos picking her up from this party since I do not know where it is?? I had also called Marta and offered to have Yssy over so that they can go to the photo shoot together. Marta called me...from the airport and said that that was a great offer seeing as how her mother was in Israel and she was heading for LA. Nev could use the help. (eyes roll) alright so I talked it over with Nev and that sounds like it will work. Now I'm beginning to think I will need to leave the beach picnic a titch early so I can get both girls in to the shower and hair up before we head down to the studio. Then I can take D out for some food and treats. =)
All this and I'm supposed to be in Hayward by 8pm!! EEk!

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