Thursday, May 10, 2012


Oh Gods, the fog monster, I'm so sleepy. Had terrible sleep thrashing around in the bed. ugh. 720am
GAH! totally random 745, it's 'Bike to school' Day. Aya's friends called and said if she could be down in 15 minutes she could ride with them! I am not even dressed. So Skot took her, thank heavens he was done with the Bee hive already.
Ok unconditional love is the key to  a good sense of self and a good start to a day.
After sorting the laundry and putting the first load in I was feeling a really good 'crank' coming on. I'm tired, got up too early too fast with too much to do. So I put myself back in bed to try and start over. IT WORKED!
I climbed in and my kitty was totally thrilled, she came up and purred and snuggled. Then Skot got home and came and chatted with me, snuggled me and went off to start work. Then our boy kitty Riley come up and found me, he must have made three wriggling circuits on my chest before finding just the right spot with his head jammed up under my chin and his paw around my neck, purring and purring, warm and snugglishous!

About ten minutes of that and we both made a giant sigh. He didn't even complain when I got up, just gave me blinky love eyes and snuggled himself down at the foot of the bed.
Day rescued.
Laundry firmly underway, went to the bank to put our new VP on as a signer...only they did not have an accounts officer to help us out and the guy behind the counter couldn't even find our original paperwork. *sigh. So we waded through all the paperwork on our own, as best we could and handed it in. Just need to scan and send a few remaining documents and we should be good to go.
Lunch with all the ladies was fun and good for morale, now back to readying myself for the remainder of my day.
Fascinating how a day can kind of slide sideways when your not paying attention.
I did three loads of laundry, ironing several delicate items, still needs folding, I'll tackle that when I can get a hand from the Mister.
I played Mom taxi for a few hours, drove down to pick Aya up from school. Both girls wanted a snack/treat so we went to Jamba Juice, D walked to the studio from there and I took Aya to her Piano lesson. We were a few minutes late but that was because we missed the light twice, traffic was terrible!
30 minutes of listening to a 'very' talented young lady, play several tunes and learn a new one! Headed back for the house and finally gave myself permission to sit and rest.
It's a little after 5, dinner is in the over, Skot is cooking tonight! I have that laundry to tackle but that is about it. at 615 or so I will head down to the studio and get measurements from the girls that need Tutu's, stupid supply company, first the Jazz 1 outfits, now Jazz 3/4 needs 5 bustle skirts in tulle. (rolls eyes) but hey I get brownie points with every one at the studio and some cash for making them.
Tomorrow is sewing studio day, look out!
Tonight should be easy going, perhaps a movie with the family. :)

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