Tuesday, May 22, 2012


My Honey woke up frisky this morning, a truly HOT shower to start the day.
Had a little cuppa, made Skot some tea and snack plate breakfast. Got dressed fed critters, collected eggs. Had more coffee, puttered around the living room picking up stuff and delivering it to the four corners of the house. Shoes, books, sweaters, perfume bottles, candles, hair brush, eye liner, more books and a duffel bag. Swept the kitchen and dining room, vacuumed the living room and hall, straightened the bathroom then had some more coffee.
Back outside I pruned the sap suckers off the plum tree which was now visible since Skot mowed on Sunday, then I went around front and trimmed the bottle brush. Not easy to do on a sunny morning with every buzzing creature in the neighborhood feasting on the bright flowers. I had to make a pact with the bees that I would not go fast that I would not yank on branches nor would I snip any flower that they were currently sitting on. This agreement kept me from getting stung while raising the trees skirt so we could see the street.
Not bad for the first 3 hours of my day. Wonder what else I can get in to . :)
11:15 am

Hmm not much time but I managed to feed Skot and Mom lunch while packing my lunch for the LOL. I did water the plants in the bathroom before scooting out of here close to noon. Arrived a few minutes late for LOL but not an issue, they were still organizing lunch. A fun old movie about why we do the things we do as human creatures we tend to protect our right to curiosity. Then an hour of RE4 where I got to witness lake monsters destroyed, numerous Zombie killings, some puzzles and of course we rescue the girl!
When I got home I checked on the bunnies, they were panting so I put an ice bottle in each cage. Plucked some lemon balm and fed it to the chickens, man their cage stinks right now, all those rotting rat carcasses somewhere under ground.. Checked on Skot, he was just getting ready to leave for the rest of the day. I got a call from Jeri, she invited me up to her place to stretch and play on the pole, I will leave here at 4 and should get to her place around 430.

Not a super productive day nor a very exciting one. suppose I'll skip re-posting to Google+.

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