Monday, May 21, 2012


Monday morning an easy rise at 820. Fed myself and Skot then went and took care of the critters. Really was hoping the bunnies would have been harvested yesterday but Skot wasn't ready, next weekend he says.
The chicken coop smells like death, which is to say that the rest of the rats are dead but inaccessible, we will just have to wait for the smell to go away, blech.
Went out front and watered my new green babies, I really hope they survive, I kinda suck as a gardener.
Skot and I had a wonderful chat about that last night. I told him I would bust my ass extra in the house if he would hire us a gardening person. My body just can't take the abuse of weeding and bending over for long periods any more. Hard enough to do that sort of thing with sewing.
He agreed and we will look into it when he gets his next paycheck. :)
I am also keen on getting to graph our spending, seeing as how we just started with the new account it should be relatively easy to set up and keep track of.

So today looks simple, I have no real plans or goals except to make plans and set goals. :)

Boring day, just working on computer stuff. (yawn)
Learning a new program called go.comapping, it's really awesome! planning out the house and property projects.

Got dinner made and fed us all just before Skot and I launched out the door to go to Games Group. The Authentic self communications skills group that Skot has been attending in Monterey.
It was fun, I enjoyed the games, the silliness and the sincerity. Though there were some people there that were not comfortable challenging themselves in this way.
After the meeting Skot and I took Colin to the Penny Ice-creamery, yum! then walked back to the cars and came home. A mellow evening just hanging out and watching a bit of Telly with Mom before reading in bed.

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