Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Yummy, Day nice and sunny. Gonna be a warm one.
Made coffee, had a light breakfast, did my barn yard chores. Then Mom helped me sort out how much fabric to buy for the tulle bustles I need to make for Jazz 3/4.
Meanwhile Skot was harvesting our Rhode Island Red. She had become a hazard in that she was breaking open and eating the eggs. We bless her on her journey and give gratitude for all the gifts she has given us.
Now to drive the Hill to visit my favorite fabric store in the area. Fabrics R Us!
9:30 am
copy x 5 :-/

Update 1 pm
The trip over the Hill was smooth, the fabric was found and purchased at a stunning 1.25/yard with a discount for paying in cash!
My utmost gratitude goes out to the Hwy Patrol officer who chose to lecture me over his loud speaker rather than pull me over for doing 10 mph over the speed limit. I did slow down but the Mustang and the Porsche that were behind you took off at 75mph as soon as you exited the roadway. =D
Got to the League of Leisure gathering just on time! unfortunately we were disbanded since our host got a call to go make some quick cash with a Tarot reading. Got home and learned the walk I had planned for later also got cancelled so here I am back at home and off to the sewing room once again. :)

Half way through cutting the Tulle I had to leave for the studio. It was a gorgeous day and I felt really good. The dance outfits I made fit the kids and Melissa and Abra were pleased. Got to chat with Abra for nearly 30 minutes, felt really good and connected.
When I got in the car I realized I had missed two texts, 1) Skot was headed back from SJ 2) my student was on her way to my house.
Mad scramble to get home, but she beat me anyway. No worries her and China have a special friendship, they were snuggling on the porch when I got there.
Skot came in about halfway through my session, a really good discussion of herbs, tinctures, oils and brews. Then on to Astrology, astronomy and relationships.
Skot chose to make dinner, bless his heart and thank the Gods cuz I was starving!.
After Dinner Skot went to meet up with a friend and try out contact dancing. I'll be interested in his impressions..
I did not have the energy to go back to the sewing room so I parked it on the couch and found the coolest program ever! NOVA Hunting the Elements. Like watching a Bill Nye 2 hour special on the periodic table.
Ok does that make me sound terribly geeky? I spent the evening watching a show about science...naw. :)
now... I'm toast, see ya on the flip side.

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