Friday, May 11, 2012


The morning started off ok, a little groggy, but seeing as how I had set out my clothes while folding laundry last night I did not really need to think too hard to get dressed. Met up with everyone bumbling around in the kitchen grabbed a little grub, fed the kids, got some coffee and before I knew it we were leaving.
815 we pile in the car and head down Western Drive where we regularly see "Bulldog Guy" aka Ed and his boxer Louie, we like to wave and he thinks it's wonderful, waves back every time with a great big smile.
Winding around in our usual fashion we get Aya to school in plenty of time.
Heading for D's school she protests the lack of available funds and the need for food, so I stopped of at Whole-paycheck and bought her a drink and a salad for lunch, then got cash back and gave her a portion of her allowance. Dropped her off out front of the school and headed for the gym.
Got to see my antagonist face to face, gave my name at the counter then stormed off to 'be alone' 30 minutes and 2.27 miles, then 75 sit ups, 15 weight assisted pull ups, 2 reps of 30/30's, cool off and stretch.
1015 back in the car, contacted Matthew to meet up. Stopped at the mini mart for a granola bar and some OJ. Arrived at Matthews and had a wonderful, if brief, tour of his new place, got to meet his absolutely sweet cat then on to the important things, the metal detector.
Matthew gave me a 15 minute rundown of what it can do, what it should do and what might interfere with what it should do. A demonstration with a few coins and then a new discovery of a the butt end of an old toy gun, matching the one he found previously in the same yard. Another tour of his awesomely appointed work shop with many gizmos and collectibles has my head spinning!
A bucket of tools and implements as well as 4 books and he walked me to my car. I wish him and his wife well on their moth long, long overdue, honeymoon on the east coast. This little toy should keep me busy at the next beach picnic!!
Got home just in time to say good bye to Skot as he heads off to lunch with a business client. Grabbed some food, more coffee, a long chat with Abra about the upcoming field trip Aya is going on, a quick shower then wrote out 3 Mothers day cards and walked them to the mail box.
NOW after writing this incredibly long account of my morning, I am going to go lock myself in the sewing room for a few hours and try to knock out the Jazz 1 costumes that I have been consigned to create.
1pm M~

Grrrrr mather frakin, tar suckin, stupid machines!!!!
I have spent the last 1.5 hours trying to get my machines to sew this Gawds forsaken fabric!!!
Deep breath
OK so the fabric is a little slippery, so the feed dogs aren't doing their job on the old machine. The overlock is just being retarded!!! I think it's time for a new one, well after 15 years what can you expect. The thread simply gets tangled inside the machine, it wont make a continuous chain and is therefore useless to me.
So I make a stab at the new, gifted, fancy schmancy, electronic Brother brand sewing machine.
Whew, it makes the two pieces go together, but I think I may need to get a Phd in physics just to sort out the threading diagram, the needle placement and the stitch settings.
Now I'm doubting my patterning ability. I need to take this prototype down and try it on Aya so I know if I am close to fitting her or not. The fabric did not have nearly the amount of stretch I thought it did, sigh. Guess I'll go track her down.
3:45 M~
Found her...peddling cookies on Westcliff! =D
So I got her to try it on, it's tight but she said it fit fine, success. But before I left I wrote up a new sign for the girls that read "Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies and Doggy Treats, 25 C" They thanked me.
I stopped by to visit the old codger in the circles, him and his lovely wife are remodeling the interior of their house. After I caught my breath from laughing so hard at the utter descombobulation of their living room, we visited. I got a call from Skot he is visiting people over in the 41st Ave area and then going to catch Ang and Alisa's show at Pizza My Heart. I chose to go home instead, that is just the wrong direction to try and travel at 6pm!
Came home and ate some very tasty left overs, put a movie on for mom then went back to the sewing room to make two more of these extraordinarily colorful items:
Just need to put the chiffon skirts on them and we are good to go!
After all that I let myself rest, watched the end of the movie with mom. Time to fetch kiddo, drove out to Bonny Doon, pried her away from her friends and brought her reluctant butt home. She was having just waaay too much fun.
Now I have a very large glass of red wine I intend on drinking before bed.

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