Thursday, May 17, 2012


good grief I hadn't meant to sleep in that late, but I woke up at 7 with cramps and a menstrual headache. So I had taken to IB, heated a rice pack and went back to bed. I woke up from a dream where I had been trying to write all the liturgy for a ritual that was to happen that night and I had had no lead time. I was talking it over with Skot at a small table in a sidewalk cafe in France, I was frantic, rushed and trying to make sure it was 'good'. When I suddenly looked around and realized it was at "a small table at a cafe in FRANCE"! The emotional construct around this was two fold; surprise and relief at realizing I was in such a beautiful place and that it had taken me so long to get to this point. I was both in tears and laughing at my plight. My table companion had only one thing to say 'It's ok, let it all out'.
I awoke a bit mystified and am now very groggily trying to get ready for my day. Too much to do, sewing grocery shopping, pet supplies and kid transport! Gah!

OH man so it's 430
Dropped Aya off at school then drove out to the feed store, OMG they sell seedlings! so I got corn, squash and beans, the three sisters, as well as rabbit food. Then off to TJ's picked up1/2 the groceries there, then on to Safeway, picked up 1/4 of the groceries there and ran out of steam. Took it all home, unloaded and put it all away including repackaging meat in to meal size packages for the freezer. Just enough time to pop back in to the sewing room and blast out the last three bustles! Yay me! (happy dance)
Out by the skin of my teeth with teen in tow, we dashed to Aya's school and got there just as it let out. Damn I'm good, even running late I'm early. Took D to dance then across town to A's piano lesson. I had a whole 40 minutes to sit still, so I caught up on email and FB on my Droid. Oh technology.
With Aya out of class we dashed back to the house, forgetting to stop at her Moms to pick up stuff, doh!
When we got home I asked Skot to do it when he was done with work.
Next leg of the day - last 1/4 of groceries, Moms appointment, deliver bustles and pick up D.

Holy mosey so I took Mom down to Chimera but Kai was running late by 30 minutes. I got them started then went to pick up the last of the groceries. I came back and the progress was really stunning, however, we were running late. So I ditched Mom and went after D, I did have 5 bustle tutu's to deliver. Upon arrival I was 'sung' in to the dance studio by the teacher, proclaiming me the most awesome woman in the world! I handed out the skirts and was treated to a full review of their dance with the costumes on. So friggin sweet!
Then grabbed up D and went back after Mom. Sure enough they had just finished up and she was waiting for me in the lobby, quite pleased with her refreshed tat.

Zipping back up the hill we enter the house with two bags of fresh produce and the best smelling dinner ready to eat! Skot to the rescue again! What a champ, he had his own long, hard work day but still managed to make a kick ass meal. I love my man.
Next on the agenda, help D with her homework and then subjecting ourselves to her homework. That is for her psych class she is to have test subjects watch emotionally charged movies then sleep then answer a questionnaire in the morning to see if the movie affected the dreaming. Totally cool, but I think D has a tear jerker lined up for us. I'm looking forward to some well deserved down time.

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