Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wow, starting the day off productive!
I think it was 7:30 out of bed, I put the kettle on then jumped in the shower for a rinse, got back to the kitchen just as the whistle blew. Started the coffee then went to tend the farm while it steeped. Bunny's fed, chickens checked, eggs collected and back to the house.
Coffee and convo with Skot then dressed and back out for some food. Pulled out frozen chicken for tonights dinner and have assessed that it is time to go shopping.
Dressed and ready for the gym at 845

Had a great work out 2.25 miles in 30 minutes on the elliptical, 90 tri-level crunches, with that success I bumped up my weight assisted pull ups to 3 sets of 6 amounting to 18 but then petered out on my 3rd set of 30/30's to only 8 reps, my arms is tired. :-/  stretched and cooled down then came home. I realized I had not brought my ever present communication device, how odd, then also realized the mail was still in my purse not in the mailbox, oops.
Got home and crammed down a snack with shaking hands then remembered yet another bill that needed to be mailed. Got that prepped and ran it out to the mailbox too. Stopped and chatted with the neighbor Jen, I guess they're planning on adding a pool to their back yard. Awesome!
OK need to do some bunny chores, a little house cleaning then out the sewing room to continue my battle with tulle!
Hmmm neighborhood just got buzzed by a military helicopter. ??!!?? 1245
                                         Original                                          my copy
Dear Gods! I have spent the last couple of hours working with tulle, my eyes are crossed. But the first prototype has been assembled, then disassembled, added to and reassembled. Not enough red in the first one, so now I will need to cut more red to make the other 4 just as cool.
I took a break and cleaned up the house a bit, put shoes away swept the kitchen and dining room, vacuumed the living room and the hall, picked up laundry off the bathroom floor, prepped chicken in a marinade and made myself some tea. All in an effort to avoid the sewing project. But now that I have a good looking prototype I can just dig in and sew them all. I must say working with tulle is sort of like trying to sew live snakes together!

Ooooh just got a call from Aya, she is just about back from her school field trip to Caloma. I cant wait to hear her stories!! 4pm

Alright making good headway on the bustles, maybe done by tomorrow afternoon, for now I am taking a break to finish preparing dinner, thought Skot and Aya would be here at 6 but they decided to go pick up D at 6:30 so I put stuff back in the oven to keep it warm.
Went and took care of my afternoon farm chores, made sure bunnies had food and water, checked on the little chickens, they'll be fine til morning but the main coop had two dilemma's. First the water was empty, got that fixed, second the rat bait is finally doing it's job...eww. There are 5 dead rats in or near the coop. The little buggers have been living off the chicken food. I hate to destroy any creature but this was getting out of hand. They were too smart for the traps both humane and snappity snap. So I had to ask Terminex to put out a box of bait. :-/ I don't like it much but we were running out of options.

I am so looking forward to seeing both our girls, hearing their stories and maybe hanging out a bit. :)
6:30 and totally starving (the smell of the cooked food is driving me crazy!

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