Saturday, May 12, 2012


How many times and in how many ways can one have their sleep interrupted?!
I am a groggy dragon today.
Today's line up looks impressive, Take D to Ballet, then she will meet up with friends at TJ's 11am and I will go fetch her around 6:30
Need to find out when we get Aya back???
The Visiting Priest and Priestess should be here around 12/1230 to fetch the needed things out of the shed. I will then accompany them to the Hall to unlock and set up. I'm excited to see what they have to offer us!
Then after we clean up we will be heading off to the Solaris meeting at the Freaky Tiki as soon as that is done I will drive to Bonny Doon and fetch Grrl, bring her home, let her primp for the Prom, then drop her off. So exciting!
Updates later
A Nice little derailment! Skot asked me to join him ant Linda Sea-breeze cafe for Breakfast after I dropped D at dance. While waiting for a table we ran into JMatt, combined our table request and had a lovely spirited conversation over too much coffee and very yummy food. Stopped by TJ's to make sure D caught her ride, I was too late for a hug but at least I know for certain she got a ride at 11 as scheduled.
Home again and too full to make coherent thoughts, I will just lay here and await the arrival of the Visiting Priest and Priestess  to pick up OC gear.
Crap, So the Visiting Priest and Priestess are running late and decide not to come here. This for some reason just irritates the fu@# out of me. My feeling is that they should have made an effort to learn our system, to utilize the available materials and make contact with me before they start. But the visiting Priest just decided they could do with out anything that CS had to offer. I arrived on the scene trying not to spit venom. the visiting Priestess felt it and decided to drive to my house, fetch the things I recommended and come back on her own. What a champ, she certainly has impressed me. Her and I exchanged apologies after the whole affair in the parking lot.
Then off to the CS Solaris meeting, waiting impatiently for 5 people to show up at 5-ish. The meeting went well all the new things were discussed and job descriptions gone over. All in all a great meeting. :)

Raced off at 6:28 to drop Skot at home and fetch D from Bonny Doon. Arrived to retrieve a sullen, sulky, cross and belligerent teenager. WTF!? She snarled, I snarled and she did not speak to me for 20 minutes. Then a slow sullen apology and a brief description of her emotions. I was quickly able to identify 'Jealousy' regarding her friend, 'Fear' about attending a dance where she might not know anyone, and the kicker 'Hormones' for a nice dose of uncontrollable tears. I gave her 45 minutes to clean herself up and get her self under control, I conned her in to eating a little something, I assuaged the tears with a little hot cocoa, finally coaxed the beautiful young lady in a gorgeous dress to come out and let me take photos and drop her off at the prom by 9pm.

I'm pretty sure she is having a blast, just needed a crowbar to get her out of her funk.
Whew I downed a drink when I got home and am now ready for bed.

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