Friday, May 25, 2012


up at 745, no alarm, dressed immediately, staggered out and started breakfast. Aya had already fed and watered bunnies. I announced to the family at breakfast that we had a break neck pace for the day. Aya and D responded immediately by finishing their food and readying themselves...and the dog, to get in the car.
I kissed Skot goodbye and raced off with all of my children, even the four footed furry one.
I dropped Aya off at school, not exceedingly early but before the bell. China whined so pathetically as Aya ran off in tot he school yard.
Next was coffee, an imperative at this point as I was forgetting things and mumbling. D calmly reminded me where I was supposed to be going and even put a quarter in the meter for me.
I bought us each our daily poison, coffee for me, iced black tea for her, although she was in some doubt about an iced beverage on such a chilly day.
Back to the car and the dog had moved herself to the back seat. I got D to school extremely early but such is the way oof a frantic morning, I got to drop her off in the parking lot. Right in front of all the Coastanoa kids. I threatened to make a mommy scene and got the desperate facial expression I was hoping for. As I laughed she gave me the 'don't you dare' look. I held her tea hostage until she gave me our special handshake. So much fun to torment the next gen.
OK kids delivered and coffee in hand I drove back across town to meet up with Bill, Jeri and their four footed  boy, Cosmo. China about peed herself with excitement as we grouped up for a long walk. Bill and Jeri are in training for their trip to New Zealand where they will be walking upwards of 12 miles a day. The puppies absolutely enjoyed themselves and so did the humans. I very much appreciated that Jeri was helping me keep China from attacking and or killing any one else's dogs.

We made it back after looping through Longs Marine Lab, hugs and snuggles all around and back home. China is fast asleep in her bed and I just got done with a really nice long hot shower.
Off to make baked goods for tomorrows Yardsale, then pick kids up. Hopefully I can still have Emma over for Aya, she stayed home from school today and was told she could not come over if she didn't go in. I am trying to negotiate a few hours of inside play time. (fingers crossed)

Whew, although Emma's Mom was not willing to renegotiate, Emma chose to go to school late so that she could come play with Aya. What a relief!
Meanwhile I baked a loaf of Banana Nut bread and a double batch of Chocolate chip cookies most of it is for the Bake sale at the yard sale tomorrow.
Skot came home and Mom went out so we got a few moments alone with a fresh cup of coffee. :)
I took as much of the baked goods down to Margie on my way to pick Aya up at 3. Swung over to AFE and picked up Emma, D and Rory. Came straight home and immediately gave each child a cookie. :) Teens are now 'hanging out' in the bedroom and the young ones have gone off to the field to play.
I am happily plowing through a bowl full of chilli and need to think about what to serve for dinner???
Ok kids having a good time I made spaghetti for dinner, and served on paper plates so no one would have to wash plates. Now I'm off to down town to drop off the teens for a movie, likley as not I will have to go back later to pick D up.
Oh yeah, Happy dance, Skot is taking Aya to a sleep over at Emma's, they will drop her off to us at the Yard sale. :) AND Rory's folks will drop D off on their way home from the movies. =)
To celebrate I had a cocktail and watched Skot play Zelda for a while.
Looks like early to bed, early to rise and lots of fun to be had tomorrow.

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