Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today started off great with coffee and breakfast in bed! My Honey really loves me. =)
I have fed and watered all the critters and am working on drawing up the plans for the new rabbit suburbia. Currently we have the Bunny ghetto! ramshackle cages stacked precariously on top of one another.
This is the basis for my design:
But I want it about 16' long with 6 cages in a row. One big problem is the damn tree about 3' from the fence and 5' from the end of the chicken coop. I'm trying to incorporate it in to my design, I mean the whole reason we want the rabbits there is that the tree provides good shade. *sigh*

I have managed to track down and dose with Advantage all three cats and the dog. After finding ticks in the house I decided it was time to start beefing up around here. With Terminex tick pellets and Advantage flea meds I am hoping this summer will not be miserable for both animals and humans.

Today's productivity will be interrupted by an outing with the LOL = League of Leisure, then a trip to the Feed store for alfalfa then a side trip to see Abra and measure the kids that need costumes. Sheesh the costume company really blew it when they were only able to supply a portion of the class with the chosen costume. I will see what I can do to replicate it for three kids. 'gulp'
Then I will dash home and make dinner, although I may just miss Skot as he is going to a Social Marketing event at around the same time. After that I should check on the critters, clean the kitchen and wait for D to be delivered.
But I will update later as to what really happens.


  1. Wow, I can see you are staying super busy with the homestead!

    BTW, I'm not sure if you've heard but there is popular video game that goes by LoL called League of Legends. Is your league riffing on that? :)


  2. HA!! no the group is the League of Leisure! they were the Gentleman of Leisure, but needed a new name when they invited me. :)