Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday 5/13/2012 was Mothers Day.
I had a great morning watching cartoons with Aya on the couch, then dressing up pretty to go to lunch with my Mom, my daughter, Skot and Skots Mom. We met up with Aya's Mom in the parking lot for the trade off and hugz. We were then seated and ordered drinks. Skot waited downstairs until his Mom arrived. When she got there she handed out gifts and received her card with grace, we ordered food, then she quietly slipped off to the bathroom, when she came back she was grey and shaky?! Skot took charge and as much as he did not want to leave he took his mother by the elbow, escorted her out, put her in her car and took her to our house for a place to lay down. I finished my lovely food and free shooter from the manager and took Mom and D and the boxed food for Skot back to the house.
Plainly she could/should not drive the Hill in this state so I took my car and Skot drove his mother back to her house in SJ. We visited briefly and she was looking better then we fueled up and came back to Santa Cruz. Stopping off at the BBQ at Juans house, I slipped away and helped D dye her hair, then went back out to visit, eat, drink and make nice.
Once D came out to show us how her hair turned out we made our escape and headed home.
FINALLY I get to relax, I asked Skot to play Zelda for me and I helped him solve a whole bunch of puzzles. A delightful way to spend 2 hours of downtime.
My mothers day gift from Skot was a massage, sigh, melt. Slept really well.

Aside from this Blog I have dealt with the mini farm, bunnies fed and watered, cages tweaked with bailing wire and some pliers. Took scraps out to the chickens to find a real sticky mess. We have a couple egg eater hens and there was a huge puddle of goo sticking the rest of the eggs together. Time to cull the worst offender. Fortunately she has never been a 'pet' so there are no grievous feelings. I have sequestered the Red in a small cage with only water. Tomorrow morning Skot will do his duty to the flock and we will have chicken stew in the near future.
We have also been keeping our boy kitty Riley 'in' the last couple of days as he got his ass kicked and has a big owy on his foreleg. He's not used to spending all day indoors and is being quite vocal about his disapproval on the subject.

it's 10 am and I am so not in the mood for the gym, I think I will just stick to getting in to the sewing room and finishing up those three costumes. I also have dishes to do and dinner to consider.
Round one M~

Dear Gawds I hate working with chiffon!!!
I first mathed out and created a pattern for skimpy multi layer chiffon skirt then I cut one out of the fabric itself. I am so brain sore I have not yet attempted to sew the pieces together let alone to the tops. sigh, I need these done by tomorrow so I can stop in and see if they fit the dancers. *whimper...I don wanna.
ok, another cup of coffee and back to the grind stone.

Massive derailment of extreme pleasantness!!
I found out long time friend Jack was coming to town tonight so I arranged to have dinner with him and my friends he was visiting. So after getting all the obnoxious fabric cut, I paused to make Mom some dinner, then Skot and I ran downtown to meet up.
Dinner of pizza was wonderful and visiting with my friends was such a joy. I realized D should see him so I zipped over to her Dads and kidnapped her for about 40 minutes. Jack proceeded to try and teach her the ukulele! Love and fun was shared, it's great to see Jack looking so great.
Took off and dropped D back at her fathers then came home and finished the two costumes. I'm beat, time for some horizontal meditation.

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