Monday, May 21, 2012


Wow, where the hell did my weekend go?!?
A quick review
Saturday we got up at a decent time, since I had the ballet rehearsal cancelled. Showered, packed my overnight bag, fed everyone breakfast then took D to the photo shoot. Stopped at Safeway and picked up snackies for the Beach picnic, checked in with Skot by phone, he had the little girls ready to leave. We met at the beach, which was really clean, then ate with our friends and headed out. Skot went back to the house to clean the girls up for the photoshoot, I went to the studio to take D out for lunch.
A delightful lunch with D which ended in her getting a manicure next door at Faust. Skot met up with us at Juans house for a little down time, while D dumped her school gear.
Took D back to the studio for her final pic, hung out with familiar adults then took D to her fathers work. Had a bite to eat then took off for Hayward where I was meeting Aaron for a party.
Party got started a little late but was a blast, Aaron and I left around 1am, got to his place at 1:30 and were sound asleep by 2!

Sunday I hung out with Aaron and Wendy and Sam til 2ish then came home to be with Skot for the eclipse.
Skot had cleaned up the back yard, it looks really nice. So we ate dinner on the deck and watched the eclipse via a hole poked in a piece of paper. (my brother taught me that trick!) We also showed the neighbors kids.
After the eclipse was passed it's apex we settled on the couch for some R&R&R for rest, relaxation and reading. Feeling both rested and frisky we retired to our room for some ritual, yoga and communion. =)
Slept really well last night.

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