Friday, July 6, 2012


Been quite a week
Thursday was consumed with excruciating CS email stuff. Which had the entire Board up in arms. ugh.
Kids to Piano and dance then home for dinner

Friday I herded the kids around to various destinations. Dropped D off at Games group, left Aya home with Dad.
Went to the tattoo parlor to support Jeri as she got her Raven Tattoo. 4 hours, quite a long sit. In between, I went home, checked on Skot and Aya, drove to Scotts Valley and picked up Camille, back to Santa Cruz to pick up D, back to the Tattoo parlor.
Bill and Jeri had invited us to ice-cream after the tat, but that was when they thought it might be done by 3. so at 4:30 I gave up and took the girls to the grocery store, picked up ice-cream and came home, made dinner and chilled.

Saturday Skot and Aya left at 9:30 to walk Wilder creek to the ocean. I was on retrieval. Then I fed and took Camille and D to the Boardwalk around 11:30, well almost. I didn't make it past Bay and Westcliff, the traffic was ugly. I dropped them on the corner and told them I would fetch them at 3.

I had a couple hours to myself but by 1 I was fretting that I had heard nothing from Skot. At 1:30 I left a message on his cell that at 2 I was going to start driving up and down Hwy 1 looking for them. :)
At 1:45 I got a call back saying they had just reached the highway, so I took off after them.
Somewhere about this time D and Camille ran out of money and decided to walk to her fathers house.

I got the pair of wet, tired and bedraggled hikers home and in to the shower. We were supposed to bring Aya to her mother so I got them dressed, fed and rested then in to the car. Several things needed to happen, all at once. We dropped Aya off at Moms then went to Juan's where I dropped off D's Uniform for work, picked up Camille and took her home to Scotts Valley. Came back to fetch D (who did not look ready to go to work!) and took her to Jefferey's, where she promptly got harassed for looking disheveled.

Skot and I then contacted Annika, who was in town and planning to stay the weekend. We had a hell of a time connecting with them. We waited at Saturn but then they called since their car battery had died, so we had to drive up to the Seabright neighborhood. This had Skot and I snarling at each other since we each had our own ideas on how to get there. We jumped their car and all drove back down to Saturn for dinner. A delightful adventure.
After dinner we took Annika home, the two of them not knowing what to do with themselves decided to give me a tandem massage. Oh man that was wonderful! When they were done with me they poured me on to the couch in the living room and went back to the bedroom to re-consummate their relationship. By the sounds of it they were having a great time.

Sunday We all got up and had breakfast together, it started a little late and I was expecting the CS crew at 10 so I started setting up while Skot and Annika made food.
I put out tarps and shade umbrellas for the Shed cleaning, then I dusted chairs and moved the deck around for the Solaris post-Mortem. I think Angus appreciated that.
People started arriving just as I was finishing breakfast. The Solaris meeting lasted 2 hours, by the end of it Ang was too toasty hot to stay and help. That wound up being me, Steve, Nancy, Willow, Skot and Annika. Thank goodness we had a few good hands. It took us 3 hours and numerous rest breaks to get it all cleared out on put back in. But it looks Fabulous!!

After all that I collapsed on the couch, Skot and Annika took off and had fun. When they returned they tried to talk me in to sleeping in the bedroom, but I was already glued to the couch and so I shooed them off.

Monday, back to the regular schedule. Skot went to work and I took Annika to the Bus station. Came back and met with Matthew Cummick and discussed the layout for the new bunny hutches.Need food so I went grocery shopping and holy moly was the traffic strange out! People were getting ready for 4th of July, I was so glad to get home and hide. I made a kick ass dinner and then Skot and I went to Logos for our date nite.

Tuesday I spent most of the day creating the CS newsletter and E-Announcements. Also discussed with Abra a project for some curtains at the studio. Checked in with Matthew as he worked. And had a generally low energy day. Skot went to dinner with his mother so I took D and Mom to see the movie Brave. A real tearjerker for Moms and daughters. :)

Wednesday I finished the CS announcements and got them emailed. Checked in with Matthew, got D up and out then went and picked up Aya at noon and re-discussed the curtain project with Chip. Less material needed and no real sewing required. I took the girls to Beverley's picked up the fabric and got a few things for the girls. :)
Took D to dance about 2 hours early but there you have it, we were out and about. Dropped the fabric off at Abra's and had a really nice long talk with her about D and the future of her dancing.
Aya and I headed home, she and her father had some video game fun while I finished a few more details on the newsletter.
I packed a bunch of warm jackets and Skot grabbed a couple blankets and tossed them in the car. We took off at 4 to get D from dance at 4:30 (the traffic being horrendous on the 4th of July we gave ourselves a little extra time.) We got there in time, D switched in to her pants and we went to Chocolat for dinner and hot cocoa, our traditional 4th celebration. It was too early for fire works so we went to the Santa Cruz bookshop for an hour. The kids both found a book they wanted in the psychology section!!!
Off to Scotts Valley, we looked around and I chose a parking spot all the way near the front exit and we walked in to an empty parking lot that was filled with spectators. We plunked ourselves down and claimed a space. After about 10 minutes D and I decided we needed to pee. We also wanted a hot drink. We ventured to the Nob Hill just before the rush and it still took us 30 minutes to get our drinks.
Back at the blanket Skot and Aya really needed to pee so they took off as soon as we got back. When they returned looking a little less pained they enjoyed the tea that we brought, everyone was grateful for the coats and scarves I brought. :) The show started at 9:15 and ended by 9:35. Then the madness hit!!!
We bolted for our car, way up front. I thought I had figured it out but noooooo. We were stuck in the same spot for nearly 45 minutes before I decided to take the back way out. Counter intuitive the rest of the folks were still waiting to get out the front where as a few of us knew how to get out the back and get on Bean Creek. We made it home around 10:45 exhausted but in good spirits.

Thursday recovering from our night out everyone was up late. Skot went work, me and the girls were on slow motion. I finished the newsletter and put it on a thumb drive. Matthew finished the bunny hutches and we said our farewells. I got the girls to do their chores and the house looks great. We took off at 3 to get treats at 7/11 then to Aya's piano lesson at 3:30, D and I read our books on the balcony. At 4 we took D to dance then back tracked first to the grocery store then to Office Max where I printed 75 copies of the newsletter while Aya petted kittens a Petsmart. I called Angus and he was thrilled to have me drop them off.
We whisked by and dropped that off then headed home. Whew got home a little after 5 and Skot had not started the BBQ, hrmph. And thus we began snarling at one another. Skot has been very topsy turvy this week with work so he has been very unsettled at home with me. We argued about how the feeders should go on the bunny hutches We made dinner and Aya suggested we eat out doors, Skot was ready to do so when I reminded him we were going to watch the recital at 7. Again I must have been using the wrong tone of voice cuz he got miffed with me again.
I left and went to get D from dance we got home at exactly 7, dinner served up and we ate in front of the TV. The kids were thrilled to see themselves in performance. They then did the dishes and went to bed. Skot was still in a foul mood, we tried to discuss his predicament, I looked over the documentation and realized why he was so frantic. There just simply was not enough information for him to create a new employment contract and the one that was in place was not sufficient to keep us solvent. I tried to make suggestions but he was just too upset to listen.
We went to bed, he did some meditation while I did yoga, he did not cuddle me when I got in to bed and I had a cat wrapped around my pillow as well as my feet. Gah!

Boy I hope it gets better

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