Sunday, July 22, 2012

7/22/2012 doggy update

Last night went well with all the fuss and care. We made it through the vet visit, the Prednisone injection and the meds last night. We all slept well.
She is liking the wet food and liverwurst wrapped medications. Unfortunately there has been no change in her condition. If anything she is still confused as to why her rear end does not work. 

She has been outfitted with diapers and a piddle pad but accidents do happen and I have had my share of wiping up the carpet today. She has no control over her bodily functions and is terribly embarrassed by it.

Jeri is collecting Reki practitioners and is planning on a group remote therapy session. Contact her if you want to be in on this. Other than that I spoke with the Vet again this afternoon who was saddened by the news that there was no change after the Prednisone treatment. We discussed a few options and I got a few phone numbers. SO we have a Veterinary Acupuncturist coming to our house Monday evening around 4:30

I am so hoping this will help.
All your prayers, well wishes, love and energy are much appreciated
China sends her best wet doggy kisses to you all.

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