Friday, July 20, 2012


 I really do suck at blogging
and today I bashed my left pointer finger while changing the rabbit cage doors around so it's hard to type.

After the CS walk at Fall creek we gamed all day, it was a blast. =) Although getting the kids to all the places they needed to be was tricky. Skot had to skip the walk to make the drop offs.
We worked in the yard then went to the Lughnasadh rehearsal. good fun
Back to business, I think I did chores around the house all day!
I did my usual morning then packed up for a day out. Lunch with the LoL then met with Skot for coffee and snuggles before I raced off to Livermore for dinner with Aaron, Wendy and Rhana. Then out for drinks with the Birthday boy before returning home and having a nice cozy evening.
Drove like a bat out of hell to get back in time to pick up meet with Abra and pick up D. Home to get ready for the Board meeting and potluck dinner, which ended at 915. I then took a shower and went to bed!
Went to Beverly's to purchase fabric for Abra's project. Came home and sewed one pillowcase together, showed it to her and she approved so I finished the rest of them. Dropped them off at her house when I went to fetch D from Dance. Started on Skot's costume for Lugh.
Skot's and my 5th year together and our 4th Hand fasting! Squee.
It was a tight scheduled day though so we only had an hour+ to run out to the stone circle and renew our vows. Then we took D to Games group, she stayed with friends. Aya's friends were out of town so we wound up just hanging out and playing video games before bed.
Saturday was busy too. I drove to Bonny Doon to pick up D by 11am, then home, then dropped D off at her Dad's, went to OC, left early to pick up D and take her to work. Stopped by a couple stores and found a fantastic idea for Lugh, I will put birdseed in tissue paper to huck at the participants during ritual. giggle.
Lughnasadh rehearsal went well, all sorts of finalizing ideas coming to light.
After the rehearsal we came home and crashed with more video games.
Aaahhh. Finally a day to be together. This is the day Skot and I chose to really celebrate our Anniversary. First I went through our copious amounts of seeds to chose what I wanted to plant. Then we went to the garden store and bought some soil as well as some flowers for Aya to plant.
Skot helped me tear out the old veggies and prep the soil. then he took Aya to her Mom's while I planted seeds. We had a few conversations while doing this. I wanted to know why he wasn't helping me and he reminded me that I tend to get cranky when someone takes over my project. :) accepted. He went on to roll a log across the yard, well almost he never got it to ts destination.
I then took a shower to scrub off all the grunge before we set ritual in motion.
Casting circle from the ring in the yard, calling up the property guardians and ingesting a vision quest. The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the property, inch by inch, vista by vista, reconnecting with the land and each other as we went. Skot pulled stories out of me and was so sweet when he said 'I forget just how long you have been a witch on this property'. Sigh, squee, oh and how in love with him I really am.
I had the best peach ever while sitting on the back deck enjoying the sight of the neighbors trees and the fog that never really made it over our house until after 7pm. :) (2-3hours! of glorious fog wisps)
We had a light dinner then made love, coming back out to retrieve our ritual gear from the circle and have a late evening snack.
Atruly delightful way to end the weekend and celebrate our time together, here.
unfortunately later that night Skot got a migraine and wound up throwing up for a few hours, I got up to help then put him to bed on the couch. Poor baby.
Water my seeds as well as the new flowers, feed animals and fill water containers. I think I finally feel like I own this place, it's mine and thus I should treat it as such.
5 loads of laundry a SMOG certification for the Acura and $320 worth of groceries purchased and put away. All on top of my Cycle starting, I fell over at the end of the day!
Started the day off slow. Animals, seeds then sewing. Was sewing when it came time for LoL so I took it with me. A good day to learn about the evolution of Darwinism. Came home and continued to sew. burned out about 530pm, went in and had left overs for dinner then read for a few hours. Skot was out in Monterey with Colin. D arrived at 7, visited with Juan til 9. I continued to read while D did some Algebra. A nice quiet evening. :)
Started a cleaning spree on the house with D, had Aya delivered at noon. Had a good chat with Abra, we may not have Chip at the river this trip??? because of Carsen, what a hard time. Abra got to meet Alisa, then Abra left and I helped Alisa look through the shed for cord, no luck. The kids were acting wonky but D finally settled on painting her room and Aya did some work books and read.
Aya went to a friends house while I prepared for the gathering. Friends showed up and we had dinner together then we all gathered around the fire pit. We burned things that no longer needed to be kept. It was really nice to have Tamara join us.
Everyone left by 9:30, again a nice mellow evening.
I made up my mind to make it up to D for not taking her out on Thursday. I got my chores done and rummaged her out of bed all groggy and cranky.
We took the Suzuki, I showed her how to put fuel and oil in it. Then we went to the bank to make a deposit and over to Java Jct. for treats. We arrived at Geoffa's around 11:40, picked up a very tired Aya and went to town to shop for gifts. We found a couple of books but Aya's energy was really low, so instead of dragging them all over the place we went home and rested until Aya had piano, D also accepted an extra shift at the restaurant so I dropped her off at her dads to get dressed and ready. Back to get Aya from piano then back to get D. Took D to work and Aya to Yssy's. Good grief, by this time it was after 5pm! When I go thome Skot had warmed up left overs and fried the chicken, a little tough but tasty. We then separated the baby bunny's by gender, mighty strange, 4 of each! Then we played video games for while and true to his word Skot gave me one of the best massages I have ever had! He went back to working while I read then went to bed, after D finally got home at 10:30. She looked so tired.
So Today is Mom's Bday, 79!
I took care of plants and animals, then lots of emails. Took D to games group then went after feed in Soquel. Traffic was horrid. had a couple hours online then went after the girls. They have both showered and are getting read for us all to take Mom out for dinner at the Crows Nest. =)
A delightful and delicious dinner with Bill Jeri, Tamara and Dave. To our surprise Dave paid the bill!!
We came home and were greeted by our bouncy loving dog, with wags and a toy in her mouth. The kids went out in the near twilight to water the bunnies and check on the yard. They started calling for us to come help China. For some reason she was unable move her back legs. We carried her inside and checked her over as best we could, we gave her some Benadryl in case she had a bite. We watched we waited we fretted we cried and huddled together as a family with the realization this could be the end of our China Girl.

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