Saturday, July 21, 2012


So last nights shocking events with our dog China have not changed. When we got home from dinner last night she was fine then all of a sudden she could not walk. We held her and did whatever we could to make her comfortable last night and finally exhausted the family went to sleep after midnight.
This morning nothing has changed. She is still unable to walk or even wag her tail. She looks sad and is trying to be patient.
We have all had several good cries today and made an appointment with the vet for noon. We do not expect miracles and she is an old dog. She has been a member of my family for 8 of her 9 years. She is loyal, loving and sweet.
I will update later today the results of our visit to the vet, but most likely we will have to put her down.
Love and Peace my sweet puppy.
The Xrays are inconclusive, we are not able to do any surgery or cat-scans (irony)
So we are using cortisone, muscle relaxants, hands on healing and patience.
She is comfortably drugged at the moment. We'll give it 48 hours and see how it progresses.
Went and dropped off kids, attended the Lughnasadh rehearsal then stopped at Safeway and bought; diapers, puppy mats, baby wipes, wet dog food and liverwurst. A truly odd combination but I remembered my good friend Jeri when dealing with a sick pup putting diapers on it with a hole cut for the tail. This will hopefully waylay any yucky clean ups.
5:30 pm She is happy and chipper, I fed her some of the wet food, which she gobbled off the plate. I am waiting to see if it settles before I feed her more. She is really alert, aware and happy to see us. I will continue to update.


  1. [sw] Thanks for the updates. Thinking of you, her, and the rest of the household - it's tough dealing with this kind of stuff... N and I have too much recent experience...

  2. Thank you [sw] I know you have. <3