Monday, July 23, 2012

7/23/2012 Update on China

During the day it was much the same. Still unable to move on her own, not able to control her bladder and still no excrement. =(
Poor puppy has been listless and limp.
She perked up for dinner and was down right excited when the vet showed up at 6:30. We took her outside and had an exam, did some rather unorthodox removal of feces then came back inside. It took us a few tries to find the right location to have China for the acupuncture treatment but the best was flat out on the floor. Maria worked tirelessly at getting the needles in and to stay, she went absolutely overboard knowing we need results sooner than later for fear of China going toxic with a full colon. She must have used over 40 needles, after the initial shock and twitching China finally hit that 'zone' of relaxation. We discovered more clearly where her nerves might be damaged.

Maria gave Skot several instructions for physical therapy to do over the next few days and she will be back tomorrow for another treatment. She says that given some care there is potential for recovery but we are keeping a pragmatic view as well. She was here for 2+ hours and really gave China a good thorough treatment.

China is in a good space tonight and ready for bed after her evening dose of meds.
More tomorrow

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