Monday, October 8, 2012

Keeping it together

Well if one mind blowing event wasn't enough try 3 or 4 in a row!
#1 After making an initial pass at Peace between me and my ex-husband. I traveled to Sac to see what my sister was up to.
It's been a while since I'd seen my Sis and I had heard that her and her Hubby had opened a new Yoga studio. Yoga? really? I mean they used to teach aerobics together, about 20 years ago! But Yoga, in my opinion is not just a set of body movements to get muscle tone so ... what were they up to?

She invited me to come up on Saturday to a little music festival but it turned out to be a fundraiser and Skot and I had just had the most expensive 60 days in our entire 5 years together! (the dog, the river trip, the car needing repair, D's Bday parties x 2, the internet provider, the phone line, the hot water heater blowing up and the refrigerator needing repair) We were broke!

Then my sister did some thing she has never done before... she used guilt. "I never ask you for anything, please come, I will pay your way."
Blown away! This must be really important to her so yes we are going.

We drove the 200+ miles to get to her and experience a fun little festival at someones ranch house. Butch and Chel had set up a booth for the Yoga studio and gave a prize to the Raffle pool. We had a good time, I got to visit with Chelly and go shopping at the little booths. But I had yet to understand why this in particular was so important to her.

It was after the dinner hour and we had munched on yummy savory crepes that the singer Chelly had been talking about came on. She was very sweet and sang some very moving spiritual songs, mostly in native american and then in Sanskrit, if she could have gotten everyone to sing with her it would have been a Kirtan. To my everlasting surprise when she came on she got everyone to OM with her and my Sis was right there with it. To my continuing surprise she also sang along with the sister singing Sanskrit!

#2 She explained to me later that the singer had performed at their studio, had taught everyone the words and then Chelly bought her CD. So she had been practicing. I was awed this was not what I had expected.
Later back at the house we had a late dinner and chatted it up with Butch. He was excited to get us to the studio the next morning. I was being a total wimp and explained that I am a very lazy and slow practitioner of Yoga, could I please sit in the back and just take my time. That is when Butch blew my mind with one of the kindest and wisest statements I have ever heard him say. "It's ok Mik that's why they call it a Yoga Practice, not a Yoga Perfect." I busted up laughing.

So right he is and that statement has kept me smiling all the way home.

The next morning we trouped off to the studio an absolutely gorgeous place (of course since my sister put in all the decorations) we 'practiced' in a 90 degree room, the sweat was pouring off of me and Skot but we had a good experience.

After lunch we drove home, well Skot drove, I snoozed!

I love my Sister and am so glad she has found a spiritual path!


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